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Hi all---I have just moved to Astoria, Queens (33rd St/28th Ave) and was wondering what's the best way to get to the George Washington Bridge by bike.

thanks in advance!

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JP (not verified)

"If you get to the north side of the Queensboro-59th St. Bridge in Queens(Queens Blvd and 24th St ), the bike path over the bridge takes you to 60th St. and 1st Ave.

From there, head west to Central Park and head north to 110th St:
– take St. Nick to (left) 168 to (right) Ft Washington to (left)177 to the GWB; or
– Morningside to (left on 120 or so), (right)to Riverside Dr to (right) 168 to (left) Ft. Washington to (left)177.

Or, from Central Park, take the 72nd St traverse west, take W 72 to Riverside and descend into the Hudson Bike Path to 181 (some detours), climb out, over the bridge, up to (right) Ft. Wash to (right) 177.

Or, you can pick up the Hudson Bike path anywhere below 57th St.

Better yet, hop on a Club ride and follow the leaders!!

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Peter Storey (not verified)
Triboro also works

You may want to scout out the various Triboro bridge routes. The approaches are detailed on small insets to the 2003 NYC Cycling Map (the orange one) available free at all the usual bike shops.

The bikepath from Astoria to Randall's Island involves three stair carries, but the views from the span are second only to the GWB. There are bikepaths on both sides, but I believe it's the northside path that's currently open and in use. Anyone know the current situation?

Once on Randall's Island, I'd suggest looping south around the end of the island and then back up to the green footbridge, which is open from April to October. Once in Manhattan, head west somewhere in the 100s to pick up the Riverside or St. Nicholas routes described above.

There is also a foot/bike path on the Randall's/Manhattan portion of the bridge itself. It's narrow, not a lot of fun, but short and definitely rideable. It drops you on 125th Street on Manhattan. Head west on something (I usually use 126th St.) and pick up Riverside or St. Nicholas as described above.

Either way, if you like, there's a nice little climb up Convent Ave., past City College and the Hamilton Grange, before turning west in the 140s to Riverside.

Peter Storey

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Evan Marks (not verified)
cycling map
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John Herman (not verified)
Astoria to GWB

You may be able to go over the Tri-boro bridge. I know part of it has a bike/pedestrian path. This will get you to the east side around 100th street. It is not a pretty ride but I've been on it and my tires have survived! It does save you going south to the 59th street bridge and then back up again. Not as much fun as a group ride but quicker.

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Nathan (not verified)

Seems not to many care for the Tri-Boro route.

I really like it though. You will almost always have the entire bridge to yourself. From there you can head in several directions to get to GWB.

Last year there were a couple of female cops that liked to give people a hard time on the bridge. I haven't seen them yet this year.

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Yung (not verified)

cool--thanks all (esp. info on NYC Cycling Map)

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