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Wet roads, wet conditions tomorrow calls for moving the ride to Sunday. See you 9 AM Sunday at the Boathouse.
Conditions look cooler and drier for Sunday.

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JP (not verified)

9:00 or 9:30?????

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Robert Gray (not verified)
"A19 STS 70 miles 9:00 AM Sagamore Hill"

"Sunday March 7
A19 STS 70 miles 9:00 AM Prompt Sagamore Hill
A18/19 Spring Training Series
Central Park to Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay LI
Leaders: Harvey Minsky [email protected] 212-595-9344; Robert Gray [email protected] 212-593-0986
From the Boathouse
Across the Queensboro Bridge, the big hill of the day, sparing none of Queens, and on through some of the best parts of the north shore to the home of Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States. Remember that he was also the governor of New York? Out on the LIE service road; a more scenic route on the way back. We will not use Queens Blvd to get out and we think that we have a nice route but If you really do not want to go all the way through Queens, get in touch and we will try to arrange a rendezvous. A helmet, spare tubes, a well-maintained bike and a positive attitude are musts for all STS rides.
We will take the subway back from the end of the F train.
Expect to get back to the subway at approximately 3:15 if all goes well. Long day on the saddle - 5 hours rolling plus stops plus lunch. Let's get off to a prompt start. Email me for preview maps and cue sheets."

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JP (not verified)
Paris Nice

Paris Nice starts at 4 PM on OLN - Allez!!

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