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Is there any contingency plan for the A-19 SIG due to the inclement weather?

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Jim (not verified)
Rain or Shine Tomorrow


Orientation is on... rain or shine tomorrow.
Ride or no ride.

The A-SIG Classic and A-19 SIG will hold a joint registration, orientation and first ride (different destinations) on Saturday, March 6, meeting at the Blessed Sacrament School cafeteria, on the north side of West 70th Street, between Broadway and Columbus Avenue. Registration starts at 8:30 am and Orientation begins promptly at 9:00 am.

We will ride Sunday if Saturday is rained out.
Please check the board tomorrow after 7 AM to see if the rides will depart after the meeting.


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Jim (not verified)
A-19 SIG This weeks cue sheet. Print it!

"The eagerly anticipated A-19 SIG cue sheet to Northvale is here.

If you are joining the A-19 SIG please print the cue sheet, and attach it to your bike!

Those handy little paper binder clips, clipped on your cables make great cue sheet holders.

Please get into the habit of printing, bringing and using your cue sheets on all SIG rides!

Northvale cue sheet"

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