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Hi B Siggies,
Because of safety issues related to the weather forecast we are canceling the 4 laps for Sat 3/6/04. We will have our Orientation, at the Blessed Sacrament School's Cafeteria on Sat 3/6/04 at 12:45 PM (70th. St. entrance between B'way & Columbus, down 1/2 flight of stairs). We have lots of Pizza to eat (it's already been ordered). We will try to get the 4 Laps in on Sunday - so come to the boathouse parking lot around 9:25 AM on Sunday 3/7/04. Thanks see you Tomorrow & Sunday..........mark for the B SIG team.

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Doug (not verified)
Road Runner's Race on Sunday

Just an FYI...if the SIG 4 laps ends up cancelled for tomorrow and re-scheduled for Sunday, there is a Road Runner's race that starts at 9a.m on Sunday(5k). Begin your rants here about Runners vs. Cyclists in CP.

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
Your bike

Hi Again,
It is not necessary to bring your bike on Sat. for the Orientation. You can bring if U like, your choice...mark

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Can We Park the Bike?

If we ride to the meeting, is there a place inside to park the bike? Thanks.
PS How about accepting a self-timed 4 laps on the honor system? I have a good one I did last weekend. (I'm only partly joking.)

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
Wet bikes

Yes there is indoor bike parking @ Church's school - in the same room that we R meeting.....mark

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Sunday race

There is no race in Central Park on Sunday, March 7. The Sunday Road Runners race is being held in Washington Heights.

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