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Anyone know of a good bike rack for storing two bikes in an apartment. I want to get something that looks good as well as being functional, that doesn't take up too much space.

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JP (not verified)

Try performance.com

I have the black metal rack - 2 bikes, easy assembly, look good and inexpensive.

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Slippy (not verified)
Even better...

"Buy a couple of ""bike hooks"" (most any hardware store has them), screw them into a suitable length of 2x4, and anchor the 2x4 to your ceiling. Total cost, under 10 bucks, it can't be accidentally knocked over, and you can paint it to match your decor."

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Park rider (not verified)

"We have an oak rack in our living room, which works well and frequently gets compliments on how it looks. It looks like the one that Performance has it listed, but I don't remember the company name being ""Gear Up"". I got it shipped from a store in Boston which had it cheaper, so do a web search.


They have a cheaper metal version which comes in a couple of colors. You can put one of those in the bedroom for the other bikes..."

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Branford Bike

"Some very nice oak racks at Branford. I plan to buy one myself."

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fred steinberg (not verified)
Bike racks

I have the Gear-up oak rack. It handles two bikes nicely. Gear-up sells a metal basket for the rack that hangs between the bikes. It will hold a helmet and all sorts of loose gear. The basket has a pair of shoe holders on each side. I highly recommend this setup.

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