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Does anyone know a route? Wasn't there charity ride like that?


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Bob Smith (not verified)

There have been a number of organized rides, The group I have gone with was World Team Sports. While this ride originates in Manhattan the group is shuttled by ferry to Sandy Hook State Park then heads south along the Jersey shore to Toms River, crosses the bay then continues south to Tiverton for the first overnight. Next day it headed south to the Cape May ferry then across Maryland to the Bay Bridge. (Here is the glitch, The bridge does not allow bikes and to take this route you must make plans for transportation across) The route then goes past the Naval Academy and on into D.C.. I'm not sure that I still have the route sheet but if you have an interest in follwing this route I could look on my very clutterd bike specific shelf.
Bob Smith

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Steve Bauman

is the man to contact. He once had a brevet route from NYC to DC .... but I heard it was hilly. Contact Bike New York office (212-932-2300) and ask for Steve Bauman.

diane goodwin

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