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"I'm planning on doing some hill repeats on river road tomorrow. Anyone knows what's the condition of the road there? Is the pavement decent, or will I be longing for my recently departed dual-suspension fat-tire bike?

And if the pavement is as bleeped-up as I'm afraid it may be, any suggestions on other hill repeats very easily accessible from Manhattan?

Ps: I would invite youse folks to join me, but I'll be on a recumbent, so I'll just crawl up those hills at a snail pace.

Joao ""under 40, no beard, only slightly overweight"" de Souza"

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Chris (not verified)
All Clear

River Road is in good condition. The landslide has been cleared and the road surface is as usual - sporadic bad spots but overall fine. The hills are all in quite good condition, especially Alpine.

You will not be alone there. It seems to be the place to be for the CRCA teams and many others.


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Joao (not verified)

Cool. Thanks. I guess today is hill repeats day! :)


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