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Virtually all of my winter conditioning these past months
has been in spinning classes. During this time, I’ve had
the pleasure to take classes directed by 20, maybe 25 spinning instructors. None have been more effective than the New York Cycle Club’s very own Avery Washington.

Avery is a 2003 SIG Classic graduate and this year a SIG Classic leader. The Man can ride!

He’s great in spinning class, too! Smooth, makes it look easy, makes you feel like this is easy . . . . . 'till you look down at the pool of perspiration below your
bike. He’s got a sense of style on the bike, a sense of flair, also adds a sense of humor. I've enjoyed his classes tremendously. He motivates, makes it fun, and is responsible for a great workout.

I know he teaches at The Sports Club/LA New York at Rockefeller Center on Thursday mornings at 6:30 AM. Anyone know where else he teaches? If so, post it here so others can enjoy and benefit from his classes.

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heidi sadowsky (not verified)
I second that emotion

Avery's classes are awesome...He also teaches at Equinox:

5th Avenue and 43rd on Wed at 6:30 and Friday at 12:15
Wall Street at 6:00

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heidi sadowsky (not verified)
all equinox classes listed above are in the P.M. (nm)
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