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I moved from FLA and had to leave my bike down there until I find a place in the city to store it. Do any cycle shops do this? Unfortunately my fiance is not a fellow cyclist and does not want the bike in our new place (it is an eyesore) Help!

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Bike Storage?

Courtney: What kind of building is it? Have you investigated storage space within the building? Maybe you can keep it somewhere in the basement, for example. Failing that, you need to keep it in your apartment. I had a friend whose girl friend didn't really want his bike in the apt.; he kept it clean and they managed. But it was HER apartment. Are you guys sharing everything, esp. the rent? Hey, . . . .

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Bikes in the basement...

...get scratched and broken. Parts not bolted down disappear (someone I know was missing a pump), parts that are bolted down disappear too (the same someone was missing a light, and the sleazeball left a broken one it's place!). Not a good idea unless it's a total beater and even that should be locked, yes, locked.

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Joao (not verified)

"Courtney Brown wrote:
> Do any cycle shops do this?

Not that I'm aware of. Real estate space in NYC is quite expensive, so the store would have to charge quite a bit to store people's bikes around and have space for their own stuff.

> my fiance does not want the bike in our new place (it
> is an eyesore)

Turn the eyesore into decorative art! My bike is over 8-feet long, flat black, and with a BigAssed(tm) plastic bubble in the front. A little rearranging of the furniture and a pulley device later, and it becomes a conversation piece. ;-)


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DeLise (not verified)
Can This Marraige Be Saved

I am an organized minalmilist (anal neatnik) blissfully married, to a disorganized collector (disfunctional pack rat) for 31 years. How does one reach such a level of marital nirvana?
1. embrace the differences
2. respect the differences
3. put up with the differences!

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Tim Casey (not verified)
Multiple choice quiz?

Is this a multiple choice quiz?

Is the answer #3?

TC ;-)

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