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I'm interested in learning a few details about riding in Central Park. Does anyone know how much climbing there is on one entire loop (total elevation/altitude)?

btw, in January's Pro Cycling (the British mag), they mention that the total miles in the 2003 Tour de France would be like riding 346 laps in Central Park.

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JB (not verified)

I did a search of the threads and found this:

Harlem Hill - 70 ft
Cat' Paw (by the boathouse) - 40 ft
Little hill after Harlem hill - 30 ft
Hill from the row-boat pond up to Tavern - 30 ft
Misc - 50 ft

Total 220 or so.
The original author was David Baugh.

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John Z (not verified)
Better Hills Close By

The Harlem Hill is good for working on sprint power, but too short for building VO2 capacity, which is best done by efforts in the 5 minute range. The Alpine climb starting from the river and going to park HQ is ideal for this kind of workout. Next would be a hill like Bear Mountain that takes around 20 minutes to climb via Seven Lakes from 9W then Perkins.

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Andy C. (not verified)

Where is the alpine climb you were referring to? is that the one on river road?

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John Z (not verified)
Yes, Go down to the river for the whole thing... (nm)
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JP (not verified)

The norther hill of RR is Alpine Hill, aka Sheriff's Hill.

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