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in my quest for a little musical diversity, i'd like to encourage a discussion about & exchange of names of your favorite spinning music -- anything from a single great song to a whole playlist.

maybe you have a nice mix, starting with an easy build up of beats per minute, followed by a steady climb, and finished with a thumping sprint? or maybe some offbeat classical that's great to climb to?

whatever you like, paste your favorite song/artist names & playlists here.

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rich (not verified)
visual and beats...

"the Moby DVD has a 90 minute ""mega-mix"". I watch/listen to it on my trainer in front of the TV. Its got a good beat, and you can keep a cadence to it. (American Bandstand reference done on purpose)"

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don montalvo (not verified)
here are my tunes (about half a 10g ipod's worth)

after months of moving songs on and off my ipod, here's what i came up with...a good mix of medium-to-fast tunes that are sure to keep you on the road (or on the rollers) longer than you planned!

12 stones - 12 stones
alien ant farm - truant
alien ant farm - anthology
alkaline trio - alkaline trio (*for tempo*)
anberlain - blueprints for the black market
armor for sleep - dream to make believe
armsbendback - the waiting room
ataris - so long astoria (*for intervals*)
black eye peas - elephunk
blink 182 - blink 182
bowling for soup - drunk enough to dance
bowling for soup - rock on honorable ones
count the stars - never be taken alive
dashboard confessionals - a mark, a mission, a brand, a scar
die trying - die trying
diffuser - making the grade
disturbed - believe
disturbed - sickness
electric six - fire
eve 6 - eve 6
eve 6 - it's all in your head
exies - inertia
foo fighters - one by one
from autum to ashes - the fiction we live
good charlotte - good charlotte
good charlotte - the young and the hopeless
green day - international superstars
hell is for heroes - neon handshake
hoobastank - hoobastank
hoobastank - the reason
ima robot - ima robot
incubus - a crow left of the murder...
incubus - make yourself
incubus - a fungus amongus
incubus - morning view
korn - take a look in the mirror
korn - intouchables
limp bizkit - results may vary
linkin park - hybrid theory
linkin park - meteora
lostprophets - start something
maroon 5 - songs about jane (*for warmup/cool down*)
matchbox twenty - more than you think you are
millencolin - pennybridge pioneers
muse - absolution
nickelback - curb
nickelback - silver side up
nickelback - the state
nickelback - the long road
no use for a name - more betterness!
nofx - the war on errorism (*for richard*)
offspring - splinter
p.o.d. - satellite
papa roach - infest
papa roach - lovehatetragedy
pennywise - from the ashes
powerman 5000 - transform
puddle of mudd - come clean
puddle of mudd - life on display
rage against the machine - renegades
rage against the machine - battle of los angeles
reach 454 - reach 454
revis - places for breathing
s.t.u.n. - evolution of energy
smash mouth - get the picture
smile empty soul - smile empty soul
something corporate - north
static x - shadow zone
static x - wisconsin death trip
sum 41 - does this look infected (*for intervals*)
system of a down - steal this album! (*for sprints*)
system of a down - system of a down (*for sprints*)
system of a down - toxicity (*for sprints*)
taking back sunday - tell all your friends
thrice - identity crisis
thrice - the artist in the ambulance
thrice - the illusion of safety
thursday - war all the time
trapt - trapt (*for tempo*)
used - the used (*for tempo*)
venera - shake your swollenbooty (*for intervals*)
weezer - maladroit

ymmv...of course. there's a tag for bpm but it takes time to do 100 gigs of music.


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adam a (not verified)
hours of spinning tunes

don --

thanks for that awesome list. i haven't heard many of these, so look forward to checking them out.

you mention that it's possible to tag MP3s for BPM. what software can do that?

- adam

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don montalvo (not verified)
itunes, musicmatch, lame...

"all the most recent mp3 jukebox software can do it (itunes for mac/pc, musicmatch for pc, or if you're a geek you can use lame). the tag is there...but the info has to be available when your mp3 jukebox software downloads the tag info, otherwise, you'll need to enter the bpm numbers yourself.

gracenote and are good sources for tag info (itunes and maybe musicmatch query their database when you insert a cd)...but bpm is a pretty new tag so guess what...someone has to get the bpm into the database before it's available for itunes/musicmatch.


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Robin (not verified)

"Some favorites for long stretches (These are a little ""trance-y""):
Kruder & Dorfmeister: Gotta jazz
Radiohead: I Might Be Wrong
Orbital: Halcyon
Orbital: Funny Break
Orbital: Beautiful Trance
Telepopmuzik: Breathe
Coldplay: Clocks
Depeche Mode: all I ever wanted
Underworld: Cups
Hooverphonic: One Way Ride
Lamb: Heaven

Higher energy :
U2: Even Better Than the Real Thing; I will follow
Madonna: die another day; deeper and deeper; ray of light
Calexico: Crystal Frontier
Underworld: Born Slippy
Van Halen: Panama (I'm not kidding!)
Steve Miller band: Jet Airliner
Talking Heads: Wild Wild Life
Elvis Costello: Pump it Up
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Relax
Yello: The Race
Hustler's Convention Mix: Got Myself together"

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bikesherpa (not verified)

Kraftwerk: Tour de France Soundtracks

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Rich (not verified)
Climbing music

For climbing, I like repetitive evenly paced songs whose end are difficult to predict. Two examples are Key to the Highway by Derek & The Dominoes and Bolero by Ravel...

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Et (not verified)

"I have recently been listening to the soundtrack of ""Pirates of the Carribean""....great music to challenge heavy gears! Speaking of soundtracks, ""gladiator"" is also good.
I am making a mixed CD for are some that I have on the list so far(in random order):

Chariots of Fire - Vangelis(warm up or cool down)
ACDC - Hells Bells
Rydeen - YMO
Speed of light - Jansen&Barbieri
Blade Runner theme - Vangelis
New World - Zvorak


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Yogi (not verified)
Songs in my head

Haven’t kept up with the latest musical developments and wardrobe malfunctions, but I will try out some stuff listed on this thread. Thanks for Posting

I don’t like to ride with music in my ears, but music in my head is a different story.

Some tunes that creep into my consciousness when riding.

Led Zeppelin- Kashmir (hard climbs)
Weezer- Surf Wax America (commuting)
Anything by Krishna Das- (for zoning out)

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Courtney Brown (not verified)
Spinning Music

"I have found that almost anything Aerosmith or ACDC really works. Lenny Kravitx, ""Are You Gonna Go My Way"" is good for sprinting, and Blink-41 ""Own Worst Enemy"" and other songs because they are so catchy."

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Nathan (not verified)

If your using anything other then Drum N Bass you aren't working hard enough!

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don montalvo (not verified)

punk rock, baby! :)

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Jesus Saves

My hands down favorite: Reign in Blood by Slayer (circa 1986). 10 songs, 28 minutes of thrashing music.

warning: may induce cardiac arrest on or off the bike

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don montalvo (not verified)
blink 41?

"did ""blink 182"" and ""sum 41"" merge? :)

Courtney wrote:


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rich (not verified)

"it's Lenny Kravitz. Blink-182 and Sum 41 are both good bands, neither of which sing ""My Own Worst Enemy"", that was done by LIT."

cycling trips