2012 olympics

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JP (not verified)

Very interesting!

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

The track venue will also hold the Badminton championships. The road course has a high point of 350 feet. We're not talking the Galibier or Madeleine here.
I guess a field sprint is not out of the question.

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don montalvo (not verified)
here's the link to all the pdf's...for all the sports


i stumbled across the pdf while digging for info on some new towers they're putting up in my neighborhood...hell's kitchen. too bad the person who scanned the book doesn't know how to make small pdf's!!!


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hannah (not verified)
what about bike facilities for the rest of us?

This plan talks all about the facilities to be used for bike races, and how the bike racers and spectators will travel from one to another, without considering that some of us would like to bike! Will there be secure bike parking for spectators to leave their fancy road bikes at the race locations? Will there be improvements to roadways to make them more inviting for lots of us, including competitors, to travel to the venues by bike?


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Scott (not verified)
cue for 2012 route

Check the ride library - I have a cue mapped out for the road race course. The TT is also covered on part of the route along the beach and into Ft Wadsworth.

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Jay (not verified)
The London bookies say NY's chances are only 1 in 7

that's unfortunate

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
if we only had what San Francisco has...

"From the San Francisco Bike Coalition:


""All major outdoor public events in San Francisco are required to provide attended bicycle parking so you can go for a ride without your lock and still park your bike securely. The SFBC usually provides these services. Read on for more information on the SFBC's festival bicycle parking service. We also provide valet bike parking at PacBell Park for all home games of the San Francisco Giants.""


cycling trips