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I just moved to NY from Florida, and I need to get a new bike. I cracked the frame on mine. I'm looking for high end Italian frames. Can anyone give me a reliable store?


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JP (not verified)

Everyone has a preference - here's the web site of mine, which is also the largest on the east coast. Many, many frames in stock. It's worth a visit even if you buy elsewhere. It's in Brooklyn about 1.5 miles from the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, near Prospect Park. Closed Sundays in Feb.

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Jenn (not verified)
HELP I need a new road bike

"If you are considering a cheaper, second hand bike in the area, check out Craig's list:

Otherwise, I've found the staff at Toga Bike Shop very helpful. (110 West End Ave near 50-something street, 212-799-9625, and get your NYCC member 10% discount on ""parts, accessories and repairs""; yeah, I happen to have all of this in front of me right now!)"

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
The triumph of marketing and image over (lack of) knowledge

"Pete Someone writes, ""I'm looking for high end Italian frames.""

...And the difference between them and, say, a high-end US-made frame (Calfee, Kellogg, Landshark, Seven, Holland, Javelin, Co-Motion, Dean, Sachs, Havnoonian, Moots, Davidson, IF, Otis Guy, Serotta, Steelman, Titus, Waterford, Aegis, Beyond Fabrication, Eisentraut, Dagger, Salsa, etc., etc., etc., or even a Taiwanese one (e.g. Kestrel) is...what?


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Banana Guy (not verified)
Italian frames...

...are prettier.

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Yogi (not verified)
Now, Now

We should welcome all newcomers to the New York cycling community, even those from the Republic of Florida.

Did they get your fingerprints at US customs at the airport? Just kidding, some of my best friends are Floridians. Thanks for beating those dreadful Yankees in the WS.

BTW, I thought Italian frames are now made in Taiwan, like Japanese cars are made in the US.

Check out these shops–

Larry and Jeff

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Pete (not verified)
"Thanks for the ""warm Welcome"""

HEY. I'm just a transplanted NY'er who moved back home.

I was at game 4 and 5. I went as a MArlin fan. Not because I like them, but because of my dislike of the Skankees

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
Italian frames

"Florida Pete writes "" I'm looking for high end Italian frames"". I think it was just a prefrence.No one said that there is anything wrong W/ the american frames mentioned earlier. After all if the guy wants a bike from the land of Ferrari and Leonardo, who am I to criticize ahah .......Pete Have fun riding your Italian Bike.
Ciao ,Tony
PS; Come to Brooklyn ,R&A Cycles..very good selection."

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robert (not verified)
I think we have found Dean's (ex)speech writer (nm)
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Pete (not verified)
Not lack of knowledge

Ride quality is just better on an Italian frame. I've ridden Kestral, Specalized, Moot, Lightspeed, and a few others. Oh, and lets not leave out Trek

I owned a Basso. Ridden Pinarello, De Rosa, Somac, and Fondriest. The rides are just plan smoother, with faster response times.

Try one. You won't ride anything else.

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Nathan (not verified)

Bianchi EV4 record of course!

I think if you can hunt one down they also come in celeste.

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
New Road Bike

Hello Pete,

If you live downtown we have two good bike stores I recommend. Gotham Bikes in Tribeca and Bicycle Habitat in Soho. They both have great sales people and wonderful bikes.

I'm not sure if Bicycle Habitat has Italian bikes or not. Gotham definitely does.

Good luck.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
new bike

pete, you sure picked the right weather to come north. you have some good recommendations there. add to your list sid's on 34th [btw 2-3] in manhattan. they are excellent on service. ask for alan of tim. tell them you were referred by nycc.
also, you may want to think about coming to the program on 3-9-04. good luck. hal

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SteveC (not verified)

I looked around for a good deal on an Itiallian ride in late December and learned about Fondriest (Like the frame more than my old DeRosa) -

Great year end frame prices, and Piermont Bikes happens to be a retailer (across the GWB in NJ) -

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Doug Kalb (not verified)
Piermont-Both Locations Great

Piermont has 2 stores that will let you test ride to your heart's content; both shops are in areas with far better roads than the city - both hills & flats. One store is in Tenefly NJ (closer to NYC, about 12 miles from Central Park), the other in Piermont(about 23 miles). Both are along very popular cycling routes which, hopefully, you'll get to know well.

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