Tour de Spine

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I just read an news clip about a cycling event called the Tour de Spine that takes place annually... organized by students from NYCC.

Anyone have any more information about this trip and or know the contact information for the organizers?

Myself and 3 other student from CMCC (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College) located in Toronto... are planning a cycling trip across Canada (7400 km) for the summer of 2005. Our mission is to promote Chiropractic care across Canada and to raise funds for the new CMCC campus. Our organization is called... Coast 2 Coast 4 Chiropractic Canada (C4).

Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I love your website.

Ali Amiri
[email protected]

p.s. anyone know Jon Gerrard or B.J. (don't know his last name)? They just started their clinical trimester at NYCC.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
wrong turn

Seems like you're looking for the NY Chiropractic College, not the NY Cycle Club.


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Ben (not verified)
What a riot! (nm)
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JP (not verified)

Maybe a fruitful wrong turn :-)

Next stop, city ordinances to promotes safer and faster cycling @ NYCC - New York City Council.

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Ali Amiri (not verified)

ops... that's an honest mistake.

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