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I miss my friends in (and the comforts of) New York, but am having a very interesting time in India. In an ideal world this posting would be more directly bike-related, but i'm doing the best i can to feel the wind in my hair (and beat the dogs away). The roads here don't exactly invite comfortable cycling, but everywhere people are hauling massive cargo and many passengers on two-wheelers.

If anyone has any biking-in-India stories to share, please email them to me! There's a great one in Travelers' Tales (a solo female, to boot) and the only ones i have to tell are on my travelogue posted HERE:


Hoping everyone's enjoying their winter sports, and looking forward to being on the road (to Harriman) again in March.

Cheers! -- Cat

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Jay (not verified)
cycling in India

"from Brisbane, Australia (another warm place--sunny 80's every day)

A few years ago I cycled in India--on the sand beach in Goa and even better in Kerala--exquisite!--I cycled along a string of fishing villages with dozens of kids following me (running) Was cheered by friendly locals who apparently had never seen a Caucasian in spandex cycling in their backyard. The bike(which I borrowed from the hotel) broke about every four miles but there was a bike ""shop"" set up on a curbside in each village and my bike would be ""fixed"" for about 10 cents--things may be getting a little more peaceful in that part of the world and I definitely want to return! Cheers!"

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Cat (not verified)
the West Coast

That's very welcome news, in fact, because once i finish the performing tour i am committed to, i am planning to go to Goa or Cochin, or both, for a couple of weeks.

Any other cycling tips, like experiences in the hill stations with those one-speed Heros?

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jay (not verified)
Goa, etc

most of the good stuff I wrote about was about Kerala--riding on the beach at Goa was OK but actually I think it has passed its hey day as a tourist attraction--It actually looked a little bit like a tired San Juan PR.

Kerala was much better & if u haven't been to Rajistan, I would recommend it--maybe next Jan I'll check out Sri Lanka & Maldives but I don't know about biking in those 2 venues.

Safe cycling!

Cheers/one more day in australia-Weds 16 hrs to LA/5 to JFK


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Prabesh Prakash (not verified)
Presence of Kerala at NYCC

Bicycling in Kerala? My bicycling experiences there was for regular commuting, so I dont have a tourist/enthusiast view. But I'll be able to give first hand infomation for getting around there. For basic tourist information, visit http://www.keralatourism.org


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