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Now at fixedgeargallery.com:


Great bike, anyone care to claim it?

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don montalvo (not verified)
it probably belongs to leontien van moorsel or...

"...timothy mccarthy?


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Evan Marks (not verified)

...Leontien's bike is already there, #408.

BTW, um, how should I put this? well, what exactly is that woman in the background looking for, the keys to her Mercedes?


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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Hmmm, Tim does like pink, but the

furry thingy, that's a tough call. That's a bit of a stretch. Maybe if he came from the other side of the bay (S.F.), then I could see it. ;-)

my guess is......Linda Nappi. If it's not her bike, then the style is definitely her influence for sure. But then I could be wrong...what the heck do I know (last club meeting - case n point).

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Sal (not verified)

It belongs to a woman named tracy, she's the wife a bike messenger named morgan, see link below.


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