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I'm going to be travelling with my bike and need to get a case to take it on the plane. Looking for advice on what kind of case to buy. I really don't want to completely dissemble my bike to pack it, but also want something relatively easy to manage. Prefer something not TOO expensive but also want something good enough to protect my precious bike!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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ITNOC (not verified)

"If you do a search on the internet ""Bicycle Case"" you'll get a fair share of hits where you can see pics and read explanations on many cases. Prices range from $250.00 upwards of $600.00. Most will require the wheels removed, the handlebars, Pedals and sometimes the seat.
The hard shell plastic in the $250.00 range has worked well for me in the past. Performance Bike has one, currently on sale now, although I'm not sure of the thickness of the shell, worth inquiring about.

Good Luck"

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
My recommendation for a hard case

Is to get a soft case.

I've used hard cases and soft cases and find the Bike Pro USA soft sided case the easiest to pack and to schlepp. I think it offers good protection for the bike and best of all, there is a piece on the bottom that attaches to the fork and rear drop out of your bike and has a kind of anchor that fits between the chain stays so that the frame stays securely in place during transit. The hard cases don't have that and getting everything in, wheels, seat post, etc. is kind of free form. It is also conceivable that your frame etc. can rattle around inside a hard case if it's not packed just right.

As far as schlepping, the Bike Pro comes with a shoulder strap which is not a bad way to carry it with or without the bike inside. It also has four wheels on the bottom so all you have to do is push it or pull it around with you. Some hard cases have four wheels but from what I've heard, they're the hardest to pack. Others have two wheels on one end and you have to tilt the other end up and drag it around that way. Ouch! My tricep hurts just thinking about the time I had to drag a hard case through the streets of Avignon.

All the catalogs sell Bike Pro USA cases and I'm sure you can find them at local shops as well.

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Heather (not verified)
thanks for the advice

Thank you! I would never really have thought a soft case could protect the bike as well as a hard case.. The schlepping factor is a big one, so I'm relieved to hear your experiences.

Just one more question, do you have the Peloton Case or the Race Case model?

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
The Race Case

Don't even know about the peloton case. If it's just a matter of size, the Race Case fits frames up to 63cm. Even got a monster hybrid in one once.

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Heather (not verified)
A tip for any other shoppers

Thanks again for the advice. I called the manufacturer directly, and got an amazing price. The Race Case lists for $430. However, because I went through them directly and am a member of USA Cycling, they were able to give me a reduced price of $300! Shipping was just $45, so it was a pretty great deal. The lowest price I could find anywhere else on this model was about $400.

Incidentally, the cheaper Peloton model didn't sound sturdy enough for anyone who thinks of their bike as their 'baby'.

Just wanted to pass this along for anyone else who might be in the market for a new travel case.

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Carol (not verified)
I agree with Tom...

The Cycle Pro soft case is easy to pack, keeps the bike safe and is a breeze to travel with.

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Craig Upton (not verified)
Bike Bags

I've always used soft cases when travel to/from and around Europe. I find them much easier to shlup around, and to store once your where-ever your going.
The bag I use (Pika Packworks) is amazing - great padding and very small, it sometimes passes the airlines as a suitcase.

I couldn't locate their website today (although did once upon a time). But you can contact them via telephone

Pika Packworks (801) 363-0304.

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ITNOC (not verified)
Pika Packworks

There is a picture of the bag at www.pikapackworks.com

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Rob Scott (not verified)
Been to Africa Twice and West Coast several times

I started off with the Crateworks box - works pretty well and is cheap ~$150 at Crateworks.com. Got my bike to and fro to South Africa. Last year I bought a Trico Sports Iron Case on EBay for my wife's bike. It is awesome, easy to pack, has wheels and easy to tow around the airport. Protection is absolute. Used both to get to SA and decided to get a second IronCase, it's so easy to pack. They are currently $250 at Nashbar.com. It's a really good deal. The first one came with spacers for the dropouts, I am going to make a set if the next one doesn't have them.

I wouldn't put my baby in a soft case. In a well constructed hardcase they can dump other luggage on top without damage, with a soft case you are on a wing and a prayer.

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