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"There has been a change regarding the Saturday Feb 7 B-ride. The Oyster Bay
ride has been replaced with:

B15/16 40+ Miles (one-way with Metro North return)
9:30 AM
Mt Kisco for Chocolate
From:the Boathouse
Leaders:Hal Eskenazi, 917 822-5401; Marci Silverman, 646-408-4565,
[email protected];Peter ""banana guy"" Kouletsis,
917-854-1181,[email protected]; Heidi Sadowsky,
They say 3rd times the charm, right? Let's hope so because we're all pretty
antsy to ride. Today's journey takes us north to Danielle's Chocolatier in
Mt Kisco (www.danielleschocolates.com) where all sorts of confections await.
We have been told that the hot chocolate is splendid. And with Valentine's
day looming, this could double as a gift-shopping trip! Numerous bail-outs
via MTA and Metro North. Required: Helmet, bike, spares, water, food, human
warmth, and money for lunch and chocolate and MetroNorth. Suggested:
MetroCard, MetroNorth pass Cancels: Falling snow, wet roads at start, temps
below 30 degrees at 8:30am (NY1/WINS). (Mild weather and ambitious riders
may result in extension of the ride to a maximum of 80 miles.)

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Marci (not verified)

Showers stopped, I see the sun. We'll probably wait at the boathouse a bit for any straglers, and there are plenty of bailouts should we need. Mobile w/ any questions.

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Marci (not verified)
sat weather looking better

3rd time may actually prove to be the charm. let's all keep our fingers crossed! 9:30 at the boathouse.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)

this ride is a go as of 8am this morning. finally, a day to ride.see you there. hal

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
B15/16 ride sat 2-7-04

this ride is a go as of 8am this morning. finally, a day to ride.see you there. hal

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
just cancelled B15/16 207094

cnacelled. it's raining. go figure, anyone want to do a ride in june? sorry. hal

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
new update

peter & marci think it will stop raining and is intent on riding. if it stops raining by 8:30am he's a go for 9:30am or if it stops raining by 9am he'll start the ride at 10am. stay tuned. they will post shortly. hal

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Peter Storey (not verified)
Weren't that just the greatest !!!!!!

We rode! (teehee) We Rode! (giggle).

Three cheers and many thanks to Peter and Marci for giving us all such a great day yesterday.

Peter Storey

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Lessons Learned

1. Rain always stops. (sooner or later)
3. Snowmelt makes for wet roads as much as rain, and the spray has salt and stuff in it!
3.a. The leader eats less road spray.
3.b. Fenders are polite in a wet paceline. Those behind will thank you.
4. Just because it's on the cue sheet doesn't mean it's been plowed.
5.When in doubt, try going in the opposite direction.
6. Hot chocolate in Mt Kisco is no better than hot chocolate in Manhattan. This does not make the ride any less enjoyable or necessary.
7. Chocolate may not be a performance enhancer, but it is a great incentive to climb that last hill!
8. Find a beer store before the MetroNorth Station.

Thanks to the 8 hearty souls who braved the morning 'mist' and sampled Danielle's chocolates.

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Todd (not verified)
For Sale: Felt S32/Size 56/700cc (triathlon bike)

I have a near mint condition red Felt S32 '03 size 56/700cc triathlon bike (with many upgrades) for sale.

It has:
Ultegra ders (front and rear)
Dura Ace Bar-end Shifters
Syntace C2 Aerobars
FSA Crank
Selle San Marco Aspide Tri-gel saddle
Alex 320 wheelset with shimano 12/23 cassette
Thompson forward seatpost
Cateye speedmeter/odometer

It's only been used for one season (around 1500 miles). I love this bike. I've taken very good care of it (no scatches of dings). It handles very well, is fairly light, and looks absolutely stunning. It's ready to ride now if it fits you.

I'm asking $1100.00.

If you're intrested please feel free to contact me.


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