400mph cyclists kill opponents with handlebar-mounted guns (URL)

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  • 400mph cyclists kill opponents with handlebar-mounted guns (URL)
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'Play don't train,"" says Gamebike about its $139 unit. The device - created by two US doctors - can be linked up to 'chase' games such as Extreme G Racing, where riders can steer and pedal through ""25th century towns and landscapes"" at 400mph....Killing people, naturally.


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JP (not verified)

Very interesting. I wonder if it could relieve the monotony of indoor winter training?

Has any one tried it?

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Pedaler's Revenge

If this 'game' could be linked to GTA, or Off-Road Madness, maybe we could go hunting for SUVs!!

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"Toey" Shrdlu (not verified)
"""As long as it keeps the kids quiet..."""

"From the website referred to above:

>>""Gamebike eliminates the monotony of indoor exercise, and provides parents with a healthy alternative to get kids off the couch while they play video games,"" said Davis. <<

I quite agree. As Gropok the Barbarian said, ""A child occupied with killing other people can be kept quiet for hours and hours!""

Your pal,

""Botash The Kid,"" a famous young Montenegrin gangster used to say, ""Show me a dead murder victim and I'll show you a corpse.""

Fortunately, we don't condone violence in this club, but even so!

Your pal,

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linda (not verified)
Was Botash...

"...related to Yogi Berra?

""If I didn't wake up, I'd still be sleeping.""
--Yogi Berra


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Eto Berrudlu (not verified)
Yogi Berra

"To answer the question above, no. He was, however, related to Botox The Barbarian, famous for his stiff upper lip in moments of adversity, as well as at all other times.

I believe it was Botox who coined the Montenegrin maxim, ""Life is a great opportunity for people who otherwise wouldn't have had one.""

But we are way off the subject, so let's get back to it. Is this thread actually an idea in search of an opportunity -- for the U.S. Army to start a bicycle-mounted cavalry corps?

And what would a division of these military cyclists be named? The Pedaling Eagles? The Screaming Gearheads? The Roaring Road Rashes?

Will the bicycle-mounted military end up wearing vented steel helmets with foam linings? Will Army boots have to come with cleats? Will you one day open the Performance catalogue and discover camoflage panniers?

Only asking.

Your Pal,

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