Eleven Films to Compete for Animated Feature Oscar (URL)

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"...does it stand a chance against Finding Nemo?



The 11 films were accepted as eligible to compete by the executive committee of the Short Films and Feature Animation branch of the Academy, which recommended to the board of governors that the Award be given for this year.

The films are:

""Brother Bear""
""Finding Nemo""
""Jester Till (Till Eulenspiegel)""
""The Jungle Book 2""
""Looney Tunes: Back in Action""
""Millenium Actress""
""Piglet's Big Movie""
""Pokèmon Heroes""
""Rugrats Go Wild!""
""Tokyo Godfathers""
""The Triplets of Belleville""

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Lee Ann (not verified)
Triplets of Belleville

AND the 3 films nominated today in the animated series are:

Brother Bear
Finding Nemo
Triplest of Belleville!

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Best Original Song

"""Triplets"" title song, nominated."

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