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Anyone know of a good place to rent a road bike? Or a bike shop that will receive a shipped bike?


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Jay (not verified)
out island cycling

I definitely agree that the cycling is much better in the neighbor islands. There is a fairly large bike shop in Lahania (under Denny's) which rented me an excellent Cannondale road bike and even rented us a Cannondale tandem which was better than the tandem we have here. Outstanding cycling past Kapilua.

Circumnavigated the Big Island with Backroads (less $$$ cos. also do it) was great! let me know & I'll dig out details. I also did some beautiful mtn biking on Lanai.

It would well worth the extra $$ to get away from the traffic and take a short flite from Oahu as long as you apparently flew 10 hours or so from NY

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Basil (not verified)
Maui cycling

Heard of this interesting group recently...

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Paul Spraos (not verified)

"I just got back from Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. I agree that if you're going all that way, you should tray another island.

On Maui, I rented from Island Biker. It could be the same place Jay's referring to because they rent Canondales ($100 for 6 days). They have a limited number of rental bikes, so make your reservation early.

Maui has Haleakala (10,000 feet in 36 miles). The Big Island has more roads and fewer cars. I wasn't able to find a bike shop on the Big Island."

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