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I've been looking into getting group training certification and was wondering if anyone has any feedback about the following programs.

A.C.E., A.C.S.M., A.F.A.A., N.A.S.M., or N.S.C.A.

The goal of course is to teach spin classes eventually.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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Judith Tripp (not verified)

"I looked into this a few years ago and obtained my ACE personal trainer certification (written exam). I'm not sure what the difference between the group certification and the personal one is. You do have to keep it up to date, earn credits every two years. ACE is very well respected. The ACSM, however, is apparently the ""gold standard"", but you need a college degree in some health/exercise related field in order to embark on that. The others, I don't really know about!"

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Robin (not verified)

"I got my ACE group certification way back when it and AFAA were the only certifications available. They are both respected, and I think, interchangeable. I was able to teach a variety of classes, including spinning, with this certification. ACE publishes a book you use to study for the test. It's pretty comprehensive.

In addition, you can get specific ""spinning"" (""Johnny G"") or ""cycling"" (Reebok) training and certification. These programs offer the credits you need for ACE to keep your cert. current.

You might want to ask a favorite instructor what his/her background and certification is, for other ideas.

Good luck,

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