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"Ever been to Frenchtown, NJ? It's in Hunderton County ... on the Delaware River. This is the ""last leg"" of the Princeton 200K. A new return route has been planned by Jim Williams, a NJ randonneur.

On Sat, Jan 10, I am planning to scout by bike. I have limited space in my car. The ride should be about 50-60 miles. Because it's a scouting ride and a ""recovery ride"" for me (I'm still healing from a broken clavicle), the pace will be leisure. If you think want ride ahead, don't blame me for getting lost.

There could be some local randonneurs there from PA and NJ.

Anyone interested should email me at [email protected] or left a message at 212-875-9547.

diane goodwin"

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Good luck, Diane!

"Saturday forecast for Frenchtown from

High 18° F
Maximum RealFeel™ -1° F
RealFeel Shade -2° F
Winds N at 15 mph
Wind Gusts 33 mph

Don't you think that 50 miles in that weather is rather optimistic?

Hope your collarbone heals very soon!"

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JP (not verified)

Yes, Tyler, uh, Diane, it's going to be very cold Saturday. I mean, 18F with 30 mph winds (head winds no doubt ;-) out in the country. And jeez, get a flat, take off your gloves, a little sweaty, and freeze ... I sound like a wuss, but the cold hurts.

But that area is beautiful and not there are few cars.

I heard about your crash ... RSD and some child. You heal quickly Goody! OK?!?

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Cold Weather Riders

Yes, it'll be COOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDD on Saturday but great training for March! By March it'll seem like summer and I have to ride my 200K in NJ before the 27th. I haven't ever ridden my brevet on the scheduled event date yet.

Well, I'm not the only one riding .... Chris Scherer (Princeton rider who finished first on the 400K NJ brevet) will be riding too. What better town than Frenchtown to have a great meal and hot drinks after riding? It will be like a mini weekend vacation out of the City. My guess is that since this scout was posted at .... some of the NJ guys/gals will be there ... it'll be interesting to see who shows up.

My clavicle isn't healed completely but good enough to ride shorter distances. Yes, John, no cars in this area which means less obstacles to avoid and hopefully less chance of falling. Well, maybe some cows will be in the road or turkeys, deer or bear?

Where we'll be, the head winds will be diminished by trees. John, you should remember parts of the 200K. Oh, I'm not expecting a flat since I'll ride with my generator hub (Continental tires).

Yes, that crash on RSD was awful. It was scarey the other night ... getting back on the bike. For the first time, I was afraid to ride in traffic.

Maybe you and Mordechai will come out and ride with us?

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JP (not verified)

When its below 25, my feet are gone almost immediately. And, if you get a flat, whew, it gets cold, gloves off, the little bit of perspiration icing up. I stay close to home. Watch out for pumas!

BTW, I met a guy who did your 400 last year - he pickup your wallet or something? Small world.

Stay warm!

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
400K 2003 brevet and wallet

Yes, John, it happened in Egg Harbor City. I just purchased food for the control but forgot to take my wallet off the top of the car (typical for me ... usually it's a cell phone). The first riders in saw it in the intersection and saw my driver's license inside.

Have you been to Egg Harbor City? It's beautiful around there ... close to the Shore.

The 400K is easy enough for most riders to complete, as it is soooo flat!

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JP (not verified)
Great Egg

Now D., It's 2F and 18 mph winds @ 5:15 AM. Frenchtown is 1F. Cancel and let's go to Bear Mt ;-)

You stay warm and be careful. 2 pairs of tights, balaclava, ... wait, randonneuse you are, a hearty breed.

I grew up, summer by summer, in So. Jersey. In the past couple of years, I've been exploring it on my bicycle and it's great. Mostly out of Cape May and up to Burlington, Belle Plaine, etc. The back roads are great, little traffic even in summer. No hills, I mean none, except for the bridges.

Good luck - I'm going back to the sack.

Rgds, John

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