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"Does anyone have a copy of that article, or know which month/year bulletin it was on? I'm very much interested on it, but the link on the resources page goes to a ""Sorry, not available yet"" page. Actually, I just noticed that all of the links on the resources page link to that :(

And while on the subject of hills, now that River Road is kaputzy, what are some good, easilly accessible hills in the area where one could practice some climbing? I'm very badly out of shape, and my climbing speeds down to painfully slow levels. So I need to hit some hills.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)

"If you go immediately south of the GW Bridge, following the ""to Main Street"" (white-text on green) sign, make a left at the stop sign, you will find quite a hill on River Rd to climb back up. I reckon you know this as it is the same hill you descend to enter the south side of the park entrance on River Rd.

If you go further south on River Rd, I can recommend another noteworthy hill. Take River Rd south for a few miles and make a left onto Archer St. It is a traffic light turn and is across from the Asian Market, Mitsuwa (which incidentally has restrooms by the front entrance).

After making a left on Archer, then make a 1st (& only) left onto Edgewater Rd. By this point you have started to climb.

This side-street climb itself is only 0.21 miles, but it is indeed a wall (13%+ grade). At the end you are duly rewarded with a fantastic skyline view of NYC.

There's a less trafficy approach to get to this climb. It is one that avoid most of River Rd, but it's a bit involved direction wise to succinctly describe as you embark on a few side streets (the main road being Undercliff Ave in case you have a map handy).

There are quite a few other roads to climb in the area, ones that travel east-west/Hudons River <-> Palisade. I like the Edgewater Rd one the best.

Good luck.

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Joao (not verified)

Thanks, and thanks to Hank for sending me a copy of his article.


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Patrick (not verified)

If you or Hank could send me a copy of the article I'd much appreciate it as well. Sounds like a good resource.


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
River Road

You can still do hill repeats on River Road, if you're interested in that. Just enter on the north end.

If you're able to go to Bear Mountain, Perkins Drive is closed to traffic, probably because of ice. I was there yesterday (trying to get in a long ride before winter returns), and I just saw a few friendly hikers on the descent. Very quiet and peaceful without Harleys and SUV's. Of course the ice was almost all gone.

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Bill (not verified)
Another very close option

"A favorite (read: masochistic) hill work out that's easy to find and tailor to your needs:
Over GWB To Englewood, find your way down to Engle and start doing hill repeats up our favorite return trip climbs. Churchill for increasing grades, Booth for steady and long, Speer for the mean and steep, Walnut is great to break into little ""jumps"" i.e. do the first block come down and do the first block again (trying to do it faster) then do the second block, repeat, third block, repeat and so on. All of these climbs are well under a mile, but by using different gears on each attempt you can really get a hell of a work out. AND when your have beaten yourself up enough it's a short trip home. Also (as Mordecai pointed out) for a Mile+ climb head to the North end Of River Road and Repeat till puke........."

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
yet another option...

Closer to home, if you live in Manhattan, is the hill on Riverside Drive just north of Sakura Park, home base of ENY. The first part is steeper but each of the 2 legs appear to have pretty constant grades:

RSD hill to Sakura Park from 125 St 0.27m ascent 90’ 6.3%

Just be careful descending. You will hit 125th Street. Also, cars might be ascending from a blind turn.

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Anthony Accardi (not verified)
Is there a chance of getting that article

Is there any chance of getting that hill grade article put up on the web site? I would love to see it.

Anthony Accardi

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JP (not verified)
Soon we hope

It should be available soon!

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)
work, work, work . . .

I hope to get the hill gradients up on the NYCC site soon. Many other tasks cry for attention but since Hank has revised the information, I'll move this up on my list of things to do.


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