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"How do I get a Metro North Train pass? The MTA's website didn't offer too many clues (although they did have useful tidbits like ""no riders may sit on the roof of subways, trains or buses operated by the authority"").


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
MetroNorth Bike Permits

"from the NYCC Roster and Informantion:
""Bike Permits are always required on MetroNorth and the LIRR. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA Bike Permit is good for both MetroNorth and the LIRR, and costs $5. Call 800-METRO-INFO or visit or for downloadable forms. Bike Permits are available in person at two Manhattan locations: Grand Central Terminal, Window 27; Penn Station, any ticket window. Or mail application to: MTA-LIRR,Cyc-n-Ride, Jamaica, NY 11435 (make check payable to LIRR) or MTA-MetroNorth Railroad, Station Services, 420 Lexington Ave, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10017 (make check payable to MetroNorth). the railroad."

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bill (not verified)

Pardon me, Hank

Could you double check those two URL's that have the form? Neither's coming up. Thanks

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tom (not verified)

Hi Bill,
I recently got a pass at Grand Central. If you go to the ticket counters, there is a window on the left end of the counter that you ring a bell for service. You can fill out the form and pay the $5 fee right there and get the pass immediately. If you can not locate it, anyone at the information booth can direct you.

Hope this helps and Happy New Year!

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
MTA Bike Permits

Hi Bill,

I complied the LIRR and Metro North links for the club roster /info sheet. They don't work verbatim but if you
click on, you will see a drop down menu and you can select a train and see info on bike permits.

In fact, the bike permit is called the MTA bike permit, covering both lines. The old separate train permits, are still valid.

I will reflect this on the next roster / info listing.


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