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Does anyone know of parking in the Fort Lee/N.J. side of the G.W. bridge where one can park their car and ride up 9W north and there abouts?...Thanks....Dennis

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bill (not verified)

you can park on some side streets. or on terrace ave. also there's some spaces near the entrance of the park at river road (near the hot dog truck). i see a lot of bike racks there all the time. there always seems to be open spots.

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Chris T (not verified)
Hudson Terrace

On Hudson Terrace, north of the bridge, there is Metered parking on the Northbound side. There is unmetered parking southbound, but it may be resident restricted. Further north on Hudson Terrace, beyond the overpass of the PIP, there are side streets which may not have such redsidency restrictions.

Summit Avenue, west and parallel to 9W, I believe has no restrictions.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
Parking lot

There is a park enterance just south of the bridge. If you get there before they open you can just drive in and park. After they open you have to pay a buck or 2, (it's been a while). They have bathrooms and a water fountain, (after they open).

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Jay (not verified)
as the B riders know, I've parked there 100 times

On Sunday the parking meters are not in force on Hudson Terrace just north of the GWB bike path & I've always been able to park there free--all day.

a half mile or so North of the GWB there are a few tennis courts on Hudson Terrace (2-3 blocks before Hudson Terrace ends at Palisades Ave) I've always on weekdays or weekends been able to find an all day non metered spot on New St (next to the tennis courts) The upscale area is relatively secure(The Englewood Cliffs PD HQ is around the corner)

If you see a silver Camry with NY plates parked there--that's my car! BTW The Camry is excellent for carrying my bike INSIDE the car & we can even transport our tandem (sticking out a few feet)

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
Hudson Terrace directions

What is the best approach by car, off the G.W. to reach Hudson Terrace, and the various parking suggestions mentioned on this thead,,, thanks, Tony Mantione

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Tim Casey (not verified)
Palisades Pkwy

Take the GWB upper level, take the first exit (Right turn) onto Palisades Pkwy. Take the first exit off the Palisades to the end of Hudson Terrace & Palisades Ave. There's a Fleet Bank on the corner. Take that left, and just beyond the bank are the tennis courts. Continue past the courts toward the GWB. You'll recognize the area.
My friend usually parks at the bank an we take 9W north or Summit to 501 (following the ENY route).


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