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I am looking for recommendations on a good bike fitter in NYC. I've just purchased a used bike and have never been properly fit in the past. I am curious as to how good a bike can feel when properly fit. Any info would be helpful.

Anthony Accardi

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Justin (not verified)
very highly recommended

Smilie Upton
[email protected]

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

My wife is going for a fitting tonight at Craig's.

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Liane (not verified)

Had my bike fitting yesterday. I would say this is the most detailed and thorough fitting I ever had. Be prepared to spend 2 hours - Craig measures everything! Definitely recommend checking him out.

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Patrick (not verified)

Excuse my ignorance but who's Craig? Is this a shop owner? How much does he charge?


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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Craig Upton
Cycling Coaching & Precision Bike Fitting
[email protected]

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JP (not verified)

R & A Cycles - in Brooklyn, about 1.5 miles from the Brooklyn/Manhattan Bridges:

Ask for Felix.

BTW, R&A is huge and has most everything in stock - worth a visit.

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Todd (not verified)
R and A is #1

I'll second the R and A tip. I purchased a bike from them last fall and Felix did the fitting. He's awesome, precise and you can trust him to do a swell job. My only problem with R and A is the absolute bike lust that I'm overcome with whenever I stop in for a visit or adjustment. Colnagos, De Rosas, Pinarellos, Looks, etc etc's all too much, stop me!

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Doug Kalb (not verified)

At High Caliper in White Plains, Harlan, the owner is methodical in sizing & seems to take the time to know what a particular cyclist's preferences might be.

Also, Piermont's two stores are supposed to be using some advanced system of either software &/or lasers. I have not seen it but have heard one rave review.

Chelsea, in Manhattan, West 20's, is owned by a framebuilder so I'm sure he quite good & careful. He knows a world about bikes, on all levels.

Good Fit makes a tremendous difference. Good luck.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
I'll second Harlan's fitting skills. (nm)
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