U.S. Bike Makers Seek Dominance in Europe

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Lance & collapsing US dollar should help!

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Times story on U.S. bike sales in Europe is a bit out-of-date

Jay refers to an article in today's World Business Section of the NY Times that you can read at:


This story was obviously in the can for several months as it refers to Dan Alloway at Cannondale. Actually, Dan was fired some months ago along with a general executive cleansing there.

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Chris T (not verified)
Written in October

"Rich, you are dead on. This was written in October, as the statement [not an exact quote] ""This month, Igor Astarloa won the worlds championship on a Cannondale"". Well, that was the World's Men's Road Race on October 13, 2003 that Astarloa won.

The article failed to mention that Roberto Heras won the Veulta Espana on the Treks ridden by US Postal.

Actually, with Simoni winning the Giro on a Cannondale, Heras on a Trek in the Veutla, and Lance Armstrong on a Trek in the Tour De France; American made frames won all three Grand Tours.

And if French cycling hasn't bottomed out, the comment by the bike shop Vélocité owner Frédéric Pédegaye, ""The Americans now have the reputation for advanced technology and innovation. That was something French bikes used to have, but no more"" says enough."

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