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Does anyone have a bike route to Mahopac or nearby? Thanks.

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Carol (not verified)
Direct Route

The most direct route would be to go up Warburton and Rte. 9 to Tarrytown, make a right on Rte. 448 (up the hill), left on Sleepy Hollow Road (just 'cause it's pretty...but you could stay on 448 all the way to Rte. 117). If you take Sleepy Hollow Road, make a left at the end onto Rte. 448, then an immediate right onto Rte. 117, then before the underpass, make a right into what looks like a parking lot where you'll find the beginning of a lovely paved bike path that will take you all the way up to Mahopac. There are a couple of towns along the path where you can make a pit/snack stop.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)

Hi Carol,
Thanks for the info. Three more questions:
1. How and where do I pick up route 9? Do I go from the GWB or some other route?
2. I followed your instructions on a map (which is not too detailed). I see route 117. How far do I go up route 117 before finding the bike path? You wrote that it's near an underpass. Does some highway cross over there? (This will help me find it on the map.) Or, near what town does the bike path start? What is the bike path like (smooth, bumpy)? Can you ride at a fast pace?
3. I've never ridden route 9 before. Is it similar to 9W on the NJ side in terms of traffic, ease of riding, etc.?
Thanks, Chaim

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Carol (not verified)

I usually do this route in the opposite direction so there are one or two places I'm not certain of going north. That being said...

1. Go across the Broadway Bridge (carefully - use the sidewalk). Stay on Broadway after the Bridge (that's Rte. 9). About 3.4 miles north of the Bridge you'll make a left on Radford (Radford may be one-way the wrong way, if so go to the next left). Go 0.3 miles to end of street, turn right onto Riverdale which becomes Warburton. You'll stay on that 5.9 miles, where it comes back to meet Rte. 9. Go left (north) on 9 for 6.5 miles (at one point you'll have to turn left to stay on Broadway/Rte. 9). This will take you through Tarrytown, where there are several pit/snack stops. The Horseman Diner is on the right where you turn right onto 448.

2. Once you turn onto Rte. 117, it's only at most 0.2 mi. to the turn into the parking lot. The overpass referred to is the Taconic Parkway. The bikepath is paved (and in some sections a wide shoulder of a main road), but speed will depend on who else is on the path. I rode it on a weekday in June and it was practically empty. On a spring or summer weekend you could have a lot of pedestrians slowing you down. There are also a few sections where tree roots have made the pavement buckle a bit, but it's not too bad. Also, depending on season, watch out for deer and wild turkey.

3. Rte. 9 is a busy road and some sections have very little shoulder, but we ride it all the time and I've never heard of anyone having problems.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)

Hi Carol, Thanks for the info, I appreciate the help! I'll ride it when the weather gets warmer. Chaim

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