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"I have always admired LA as a cyclist, despite some criticism that he is a one-trick-pony, doing only the TdF. I say ""Some trick!!""

But off the bike, he's said some rather ungracious things, rude comments and some plain ole' stupidity.

His personal life is none of my business, so I leave it alone. But his comments on cycling???

His latest:

La is saying that Roberto Heras was not-so-good for USPS and farewell as Heras goes to Liberty Seguros.

Me, I thought the USPS TdF team was hand-picked, that Heras was a great domestique for several years, a lt., and dragged La up many a mountain.

Why would La say these things?? I have negative thoughts on the matter.

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bikesherpa (not verified)
my predictions on TdF 2004

Tour de France 2004

Who I hope will be on the podium:

1. Tyler Hamilton
2. Jan Ullrich
3. Lance Armstrong

Who I think will be on the podium:

1. Jan Ullrich
2. Lance Armstrong
3. Tyler Hamilton

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no name (not verified)


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Rich Stokes (not verified)

let Mario Cipollini ride!!!

I may not know all there is on the politics of the professional cycling world, but winning the Giro d'Italia should surely warrant an invite to the Tour de France.

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Patrick (not verified)

Just one problem. Mario has never won the Giro. At least he has been known to finish it on occasion unlike the tour.

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rich (not verified)

42 stage wins, and he does wear the rainbow jersey of the world champion.

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bill (not verified)

I just want to see Sheryl Crow on top of Lance... oops!

my favs...
1) tyler
2) lance
3) ulrich

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John Z (not verified)
LA and More

"Lance has never been known to be gracious in defeat. Lucky for him, such moments have been rare. Let's see, we have heard excuses of bonking and dehydration, or, when the time lost was small something like ""if that's all he (Ullrich) could out into me, then I have nothing to worry about."" So, Heras, a loyal domestic and champion of his own right leaves the team, and Lance diminishes Heras' contributions to US Postal.

In a sense Lance is correct. There were times when Heras was not present, but over the years there were important times when he was there to support Lance. This fact should not mar Heras' abilities and contributions, rather, it underscores Johan Bruyneel's belief that a team cannot have enough good climbers, hence Heras and Pena and Ruberia. But even this trio of climbers was not seen as enough, so last year, when Beltran was available, US Postal signs him as well. A very smart move, as it was Beltran who provided the support to Lance at critical moments during last year's Tour, especially the devastating lead up the lower part of Alpe d'Huez. A strong argument can be made that had Beltran stayed with Bianchi, Ullrich would have won last year's Tour.

Anyway, 2004 promises to be as exciting as 2003. For the Alpe d'Huez time trial, will we see the riders with the second (Armstrong), third (Ullrich) and forth (Mayo) best times ever recorded on this climb competing head-to-head. Throw Heras, Beloki and Hamilton into the mix and we will see a compelling time trial.
This stage is on Wednesday, July 21, so I expect Blondies will be packed with cyclists. The final ITT is the following Saturday; this looks like a Water Street Bar evening to me. Friday July 16 and Saturday July 17 will see mountain top finishes in the Pyrenees; Blondies Friday and Water Street Bar Saturday? I can't wait."

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ScottD (not verified)
Water Street

Residing in Brooklyn and being a friend of the owner, I have to plug for Water Street Bar in DUMBO. He's already asked me about possible events for 2004.

Flat screen? Ha! Wall projector, baby!

Don't forget, BK Pave returns April 11.

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Patrick (not verified)

"He also says this: ""He said the team considers Heras a good friend, but also revealed that he urged him to make the move to Liberty Seguros. ""He got a great opportunity and we told him to take it. Really there's no hard feelings, and I like the group we have.""

I think he's just straight shooting and just giving his assessment. Nothing personal about Heras I think Lance just isn't a gusher. I noticed he didn't get all crazy w/ praise about Tyler this year either even tho he had one of the most remarkable years ever for an american cyclist. And to be honest Roberto, aside from 3 or 4 fantastic rides and a top 5 back in '00, has yet to show his worth as a contender in the tour. The Vuelta and the Giro aren't nearly as tough as the Tour. Personally he's one of my faves up the Alp d'Huez this year.

Lance is a is a world class champion and has a world class (probably necessary) ego to match."

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Bill (not verified)
End Of The Streak?!?

This is going to be one hell of a Tour this year. With T-Mobile stocked with top riders, A healthy Tyler Hamilton, and a fearless Iban Mayo this one's going to be close down to the last Time Trial. The USPS team (which I think will still win the Team TT), will be lacking the big climbers to help Lance in the mountain Stages. Heras never dominated on the Tour, but he (usually with Beltran) was there when needed. Probably the best news is that the Alpe d'huez is a TT, so no help is offered or needed. Are there any other top Domestiques on the market?
Book Blondie's NOW!!

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JP (not verified)
Oh yes!

Blondies? What about the Water St. in Brooklyn??

I wish La would just ride.

Any way - it looks to be quite a TdF in 04. T-Mobile has so much talent, it may be too much: Ullrich, Zabel, Vino, Evans, Botero and Salvodeli!!

I think you picked the top 3 though, but the order ... ????????

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Michael (not verified)
Blondies will be ready

Considering the massive amounts of beer and food the 50 of us went through last year that big night Blondies might have to start training bartenders (a B-eer SIG) to be ready to serve us.... (a $500 bar/food bill, pathetic)

I'll just be happy if we have another great tour and let the best racer end up on the podium. Last summer was a lot of fun

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Back to Blondies!

We will be ready, although with a $500 bar bill for 50 people, NYCC may need to train drinkers.

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Chris T (not verified)
Yes, we need a D-sig (Drinking)

Not only is a $500 bar bill for 50 people not drinking (average 2 beers/person), that isn't even rehydration!

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
I've already been training

I certainly look forward to a night or two in Blondies during the 2004 edition of the TdF, even though I have got OLN at home.

I got plenty of beer drinking training during the recent Rugby World Cup competition in Australia, watching England smash France and then Australia in the final in an Irish bar on the Upper West Side, with kick-offs at 4am our time.

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Michael (not verified)
Beer and food

Guys, the $500 was for beer AND food (I'm fairly sure some people snuck in power bars as their stomach can't handle real food anymore)

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Jonathan Bloom (not verified)

I have to take issue with JP's assessment of LA being rude and ungracious to his former teammate Roberto Heras. I read the same article and didn't feel that LA was being rude. I've heard much worse in other pro sports. Heras is a great rider who was tremendous in this years vuelta. I think we all remember when LA admitted that he told Heras to slow down in a 2002 TdF mountain stage. Of-course if a teammate leaves for a better deal and a leadership role you're not going to say publicly that your team is weaker because of it. Especially this year. I believe if USPS really wanted Heras to stay they could have found the funds. As for his excuses concerning Ullrich, nobody is perfect in this department as we all admitted in an earlier thread. On the other hand there are many examples of Lance praising Ullrich as a cyclist and sportsman.

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Goon Koch (not verified)
Faint Praise

"Lance may not have been rude, per se, but he did damn Roberto with some faint praise. Essentially he's saying, ""I could have won those tours without Heras.""

Imagine a former supervisor said the following about you in public: ""I've got no hard feelings about him leaving, and wish him well. He performed well enough, but was not crucial to the company's success. Indeed, he was out sick, and therefore unable to contribute, for some key presentations""

I think that Lance's hypercompetitive personality prevents him from being more generous.

He is gracious to Jan, but will never concede defeat to an opponent's merit.

Should be an incredible Tour. Let's hope all the contenders stay clear of early mass crashes."

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JP (not verified)


I take issue with you taking issue with me taking issue with Lala taking issue with Heras. Now ... what were we discussing … oh yes -

La is a world class athlete - with little class. Yes, being at his level of competition requires lots of ego. He has that for sure, but handles it poorly. His left handed ""compliments"" seem more like telling Heras to **** - off. Yes, other sports talk smack much harder. But that does not relieve Lala of selfish ingratitude. Not a gracious human being.

I view Lala as an ingrate. A killer cyclist – but an ingrate.

""Straight shooter"" ??? Rude Texican is more like it. Seeing him speak, I wonder how much is rehearsed with his PR people. Remember, gotta keep that endorsement $$ rolling in. Image consciousness too – especially after his domestic strife diverges from the way he has been marketed.

It’s not about the bike – it’s about the $$ and HIS ego.

And, he’s buddies with George Dubya. Boy-o-boy!!

Anyhoo, ’04 should be one heavy-duty brawl of a bike season. And strangely enough, I’ll be rooting for Lala – but only during the actual race. Off the bike, well … you know what I think.

Rgds, JP

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bill (not verified)
PR Form

"No athlete, or any public figure for that matter, will let the world (press) in on any weakness they may be feeling. It would boost the morale of the other key riders/teams he's up against. Rude may be an overstatement, but what do you expect him to say? ""Without Roberto I'm done for, give the yellow jersey to Jan. I may as well start acting!"" His ego will allow himself to justify those wins with or without certain team members, but remember he shares quite a bit of money with his domestiques- so he KNOWS their value."

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Lynn Baruh (not verified)
LA and weakness?

I agree and super agree. In fact, during TdeF and after, LA admitted to more weakness than necessary. He's not more gracious? Hah. Sour grapes, y'all. He won, for himself and for his team. What else do we want?
In fact, he's doing more for cycling than any other major Tdf winner.
No he's not a gusher and neither are any of the other major TdeF winners.
I was in France right before the TdF began. Major French TV host Michel Drucker got all the major TdF winners together (only Lemond was missing). He interviewed them all.
It was an awesome sight, but very strange: to a man, they all admitted they no longer their bikes at all!
Somehow, I expect that Lance will continue being active, at least for his cancer fund.
I for one hope he's #1 and beats the odds.


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JP (not verified)

"... but what do you expect him to say? ""Without Roberto I'm done for, give the yellow jersey to Jan. I may as well start acting!""


Well, you know what I think of Lala, so far be it for me to start writing his script or even guessing what he SHOULD have said. But, something nicer, more apprpriate, more in tune. Heras was a great help - and he will be missed. Period. That would betray no weakness for the competition to feast upon. But no, Lala just had to give Heras a little kick in the pants.

And Lance does act - poker faced, fooling riders into thinking he is about to bonk, and then whoooshhhhh - he attacks. So, acting???

And again, on his bike - I root for Lance; he is a great cyclist and from the New World. Off his bike he is Lala to me and can take a flying leap at a rolling donut.

He does not possess, for whatever reason, the gentile humility of a great person with class. He should, uhhhmmm ... eat a little crow ... Crow ;-)"

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
A truly memorable typo/typing error by JP

"JP, writing about Lance, wrote, ""He does not possess, for whatever reason, the gentile humility of a great person with class.""

Can we not at least all agree this is one of the great typographic/typing errors to ever appear on our message board?"

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Evan Marks (not verified)


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JP (not verified)
oy gevalt!

"Oy, what a goy is right – what have I done? Betrayed myself for the shegetz I am.

""Genteel"" is the word. My apologies to ... wait a minute, you are laughing at ME!!!!


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JP (not verified)

"Lynn, We all agree Lance is great - on the bike, in the Tour.

In the 03 Tour, it was never him being beaten in any given stage. It was the brakes, the water, the a/c.

It's OFF the bike, the stupid **** he has said over the years. It's when he goes Lala. I have no ""sour grapes"" - WTF would I.

But, I'm happy for all you 99ers."

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