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Can anyone recommend a favorite NYSC spinning instructor? I'd like to find a class in Manhattan taught by someone with a cycling background.

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Regina Hammond (not verified)
Spin Instructor

I am a competitve Cat. 3 cyclist and teach spin - however I teach for Plus One regularly and NYSC when I feel like subbing. I do know of male bike racer who teaches for NYSC downtown.

Which locations do you prefer to take classes at?

You can email me off line too - I check that more regularly.


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Anthony Accardi (not verified)

There is a teacher named Dory who I believe teaches at Irving place on monday evenings as well as Soho on Sundays. She is a really good heart rate/cycling based teacher. I have not been to her classes in a while but I think you could call these two clubs and figure out when her classes are.

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Todd Brilliant (not verified)
famous for his spin classes

there's a legendary spin instructor who works for equinox. his name is chris griffin and teaches a lot of classes, but don't know his exact schedule for each gym. i know he teaches for sure at the broadway & 92nd street gym.

by the number of cyclists who i know take his classes, you should be assured to get a real cycling specific work-out. just be prepared to suffer like a dog. he's supposedly really tough and if he's as good an instructor as he is a bike racer, then he's your man.

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Basil (not verified)
Yes, I've heard similar re Chris Griffin ......

...believe he teaches at W 76th and Amsterdam also.
(You can find out easily times of his classes at www.equinoxfitness.com - I plan to sample one soon myself)

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Heidi (not verified)
Chris Griffin

Sat...11:15 at 76th Street Equinox...90 minutes...very intense...amazing class

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John Kuhn (not verified)
Chris G and spinning

I took Chris' classes for years. He's know to do some three-hour sessions as well as the weekend 1.5hrs. (Many of those torturefests are AFTER he has raced in CP at 6.) He is excellent, though his classes have so many devoted acolytes that you need to be at the club 45-60 mins before in order to ensure getting a bike.

Mike Henson, at LA Sports Club in Rock Ctr, is also excellent. His classes tend to be more programmatic than Chris'.

Both are excellent instructors who will provide a good workout. However, I would consider getting a trainer and power measuring device and working on your own program. Testing on a group of spin class instructors revealed that they often had lower Lactate Thresholds (HR point at which you go anaerobic). Because most of the work is at high work rate. This is also my case. Consequently, I've quit spinning classes and work on my own. It's also cheaper than a gym membership.

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Basil (not verified)
Very interesting.........

"I've just begun reading ""Going Long"" (designed for Ironman Triathlon training) which seems to suggest something very similar.
i.e. unless you're shooting to win your age group, forget about speed/interval training and concentrate on strength/endurance.
Personally, I'll probably still join a gym anyway as I need the motivation (and pool - preferably with a masters swim team) but this appears to be a very relevant point - particularly for endurance races (and reduction of injury probability).

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Jay (not verified)
Spin Instructor

At NYSC try Michael Mitchel's Class. He's a sig grad and a cat 4 racer.

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Stuart Cohn (not verified)
spin classes at NYSC

Michael, Wednesdays at 6 and 7 p.m. at NYSC in the Crowne Plaza Hotel (49th and Broadway), is great. He's a cyclist and may even be an NYSC member.

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