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If it is dry, anyone game for a morning spin... maybe 10AM start 30 - 40 mile B15/18 pace. Burn some calories before your traditional Moo Shu and Movies or X-Mas dinner as appropo

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Grand Marnier Prawns and The Triplets of Belleville

Maybe, could be, possibly, if it's over 40 degrees by 10am.

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Michael (not verified)
43 degrees at 9:00AM see you at the boathouse at 10AM

We'll pick a destination by consensus. Piermont is likely to be 100% closed for Xmas. Could do River Road or a diner etc.

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Marci (not verified)

I was just going to post the same thing -- weather is looking good and was planning to ride to Piermont (although would be open to other options.) What were you thinking? Also hoping to ride Friday and Sat. if anyone is interested.

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