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Ok, on the greenway, above 54th St., below 72d St., on the part that heads east away from the ped-only path and takes you passed the basketball courts under the elevated highway - there are stenciled signs on the road with little figures and arrows saying, basically, stay to your right.

BUT, but, all of a sudden, one of those stencils is reversed, indicating staying to the LEFT! I had to turn around and go back to check it – and I still don’t believe it.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there a reason for it? Did a Loyalist do that one stencil, thinking the colonies bear left, as in England? What should be done????

Happy Holidays!

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

It's been that way a while. Some rocket scientist screwed up. I don't expect it to be fixed too soon.

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Chris T (not verified)
Forget not the Willy B.

For those who ride over the new Pedestrian/Bicycle lane on the Williamsburg Bridge, the signage on the Manhattan side seems DESIGNED to cause confusion...to the point that I can't explain it here. Just count on dealing with oncoming bikes and peds if you cross that bridge.

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