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"The most curious thing on my bike occurred Sunday night. John Z and I were riding around Manhattan looking at Xmas lights. After looking at the tree in front of the NY Stock Exchange, we headed to South Street Seaport. John went into Pier 17 for a coffee.

While waiting outside with the bikes, one of New York’s Finest walked up to me and engaged me in the following conversation:

Policeman: Where are you from?
CT: Right here
Policeman: Where’s “here” ?
CT: East Fifties
Policeman: And your friend?
CT: Same place
Policeman: Where is he now?
CT: He’s inside while I watch the bikes. What’s this all about? (At this point I think he is going to comment about riding on the pier)
Policeman: When you rode past us, our radiation detector went off!
CT: I don’t have anything radioactive on me!
Policeman: Have you had any surgery or chemotherapy recently?
CT: No. I haven’t even been to the dentist.
Policeman: How about your friend?
CT: No, he’s in perfect health

At this point the policeman called into his partner, and reported that we seemed to be of local extraction. Somehow, I never got to ask to see the radiation detector, not that it would have been shown to me. Shortly thereafter John rejoined, and was also surprised at the sequence of events.

Given that the terror alert level had just been elevated to High (Orange), I was pleased that the NYPD have the probable capability to detect a “dirty bomb”.

We were unable to determine why the detector went off, but there are the following speculations

1. Is there a radon problem in either residence?
2. Were we suddenly bombarded by cosmic radiation from the Crab Nebula? (LOL)
3. Is there a small amount of very heavy metals in CT, John Z, or our bikes that suddenly underwent radioactive decay?
4. Did a typical John Z. acceleration create a space-time discountinuity? (LOL)

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JP (not verified)

So, that's it. That's how JZ tears up the road - radiation a la Lance. Now for the partial orchidectomy ;-)

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John Z (not verified)
Full Musette (nm)
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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
'79 time - babe ruth call

John, you did spend quite a bit of time living in PA. Any chance it was in the vicinity of Three Mile Island? ;-)

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Peter Hochstein (not verified)
easy anti-radiation avoidance

Chris: How many times do I have to tell you — wear an aluminum foil hat under your helmet.

No wonder our friends on Mars are getting garbled signals!

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Chris T (not verified)


My tendrils were having an allergic reaction to the foil.
Oh oh...I sense the INS coming... gotta keep moving, resume 19 pace... pant wheeze pant...where will I hide now...

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