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"January 1, 2004
""Brooklyn Polar Bears""
25-30 miles B-any
Meet: City Hall (optional start at Prospect Park, call leader if you plan to meet us there)
Time: 11am
Leaders: Marci Silverman ([email protected], 646-408-4565)& Peter ""banana guy"" Kouletsis ([email protected], 917-854-1181)

Happy New Year!
Join us on our first ride of the new year. We're going to the beach (Coney Island, that is) to see Polar Bears! The polar bears swim club will be meeting on the beach at Stillwell Ave at 1:00 p.m. for their annual New Years Swim
party. We'll watch them make a splash, followed by Lunch at Nathan's, Totonne, or some other place. Bring towel and swimsuit if so inclined. Sunblock probably not necessary. Required: Helmet, bike, spares, water, food, human warmth.
Cancels: wet roads at start, temps below 25 degrees at 10am (NY1). Plentiful bail-outs via Metro Card.

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Marci (not verified)
Ride leaves at 11am

We will be at City Hall approx. 10:45 and would like to leave as close to the official 11am start time as possible since we don't want to miss seeing those Polar Bears! Expect to be at Prospect Park Grand Army Plaza @ approx. 11:30 for those who want to meet us there. Feel free to call my cell phone (or Peter's) if you have any questions or need to catch us en route.

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Please, Somebody bring a digital camera to record this ride.(nm)
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Banana Guy (not verified)

The weather forecast is favorable.
If enough riders join us, there may be a surprise in Brooklyn!

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
polar bear ride?

hey peter, isn't this the one where marci said sh'll take the dump if 50 people show up? marci, bring your bathing suit. hal

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Marci (not verified)
you may have missed your chance...

If I remember correctly, all bets were off should the message board be used as a recruitment vehicle.

However, if you boys want to join me...

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Oh Marci...

"I didn't think you would be getting ""cold feet"" until you got into the water!!

BTW (from Carol Wood):
""Clarence Eckerson and Sharon Soons, the lively and talented producers of the cable-access BikeTV show, told me they are possibly going to join your ride on Jan. 1 with their videocam.""

This could be EPIC!!"

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Confirmed: bikeTV plans to come along(eom) (nm)
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Carol Wood (not verified)

As much fun as it sounds, I wasn't planning on getting up in time for this ride.

But if BikeTV will be there, and Tony is graciously inviting us once again, it is too good to pass up.... Geez there are some swell people in this club!

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
""" polar bear "" ride after party"

"To all of those NYCC members that are contamplating doing the new year's day ride to Coney Island, and don't mind riding a couple of extra miles. You are all welcome to my house after the ride for some good ""CHEER"" to help celebrate the new year. This will be on a par W/ the X-Mas lights ride afterparty a few weeks ago. Peter, I still have some ""UZO"" left over from the last time, among other liquid refreshments and Italian delicacies. Please drop me a line if you plan on attending so I can prepare sufficient for all..
,.,.,,. Ciao , Arrivederci a presto ,, Tony Mantione"

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Post-ride New Year's Party

Tony & Maryann-
You guys are way too much!
Thanks for the invitation, I will call thursday to let you know how many to expect.

RIDER WARNING: If the Mantione Christmas hospitality is any indicator, come prepared to stay a while. And bring your Metrocard!

Get the Ouzo ready, it's gonna be a long ride home!


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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
sausages, not bananas

"Hi Peter K.,

Possible free lunch stop, as well as Matione early dinner on your ride. But I rather have Crema Lita, Tasti D-Lite or halo-halo (Filipino ""ice cream"": crushed ice, jackfruit, bananas, beans, evaporated milk, sugar, etc. mixed together). Bring chocolate bananas instead.


From today's (12/31/2003) NY Post:

$ausage Link to Coney Swim
by Gersh Kuntzman

Heated tents. Tiki torches. Palm trees. Hot sausage sandwiches. You call this the Polar Bear Club's annual New Year's Day swim?

It is now--thanks to the first corporate sponsorship deal in the Coney Island Polar Bear Club's 101-year history.

Tomorrow, Coney Island will be transformed from a desolate, windswept beach into ""The Jimmy Dean Sizzlin' Hot Spot,"" complete with tents, electric heaters and, of course, THOUSANDS OF FREE SAUSAGE SANDWICHES.

""But we're not doing it for the sandwiches or for the heaters!"" said Polar Bears President Louis Scarcella, whose members will make their annual swim at 1 p.m. tomorrow. ""We're doing it for the charity.""

Jimmy Dean will donate more that $6,000 to local charities."

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Aloha, Alfredo

See you on the ride.
And don't forget to bring sunblock and your towel!

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Thanks to All...

Thanks to all who braved the daylight of January 1, and rode through New Year's Morning haze and hangover to join us on our First Annual Coney Island Polar Bears ride.

Yes, there were disappointments:
The BikeTV film crew was incapacitated by a resurgence of Flu symptoms.
The free Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage sandwiches had all been disbursed before we arrived.

There were surprises:
Chocolate Bananas on the boardwalk at Coney Island, and...
Four or more riders actually entered the water, some (you know who you are) more than others, to qualify for Polar Bear Club certificates of achievement.

And a very, very special thanks to Tony and Maryann Mantione, who welcomed us into their home to warm, refresh, and refuel. Tony and Maryann went above and beyond in opening their home to sweaty bunch, and ensuring that none went hungry.
Thanks, again, Tony and Maryann!

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Chris T (not verified)
A New Special Interest Group (SIG)

Thanks to Marci and Peter for putting together an easy ride to view a New Year's Day tradition

I would estimate about 2500 spectators, and over 500 people got into the water.

Once again, thanks to Tony and MaryAnn for putting on a splendid repast and their immense hospitality. Those who come to the Mantione home are automatically enrolled (n.p.i) in the E-Sig (eating).

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