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With the new NYCC design I mean. Shouldn't they be arrving now? Or have they and I've got a problem?

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Delivery date of new jerseys

Dave, it is my underestanding the new jerseys are to be shipped from Italy this coming Tuesday. Given their time in transit, I trust they will be landed sometime between Christmas and New Year.

While they will arrive somewhat later than we hoped and expected, it is the case the turnaround time on them has been faster than that of any other manufacturer.

I'm delighted you're eagerly awaiting yours.


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Dave Bauhs (not verified)


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David Schlichting (not verified)
New Jerseys, continued

Who manufactures the new jersey? When I heard they were Italian, I was concerned that I may have spec'd one size too small.

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Who manufacturers our new jersey? Read about it here.

"We considered VO Max, Verge, Squadra (Castelli), Revi (North Carolina, in spite of its Italian sounding name), Santini, Parentini, Louis Garneau, Nalini, Netti (Australia), and several other manufacturers. And several, so wanting our business, they said, as a showpiece for their capability, went to the trouble and expense to produce a test printing.

The company we went with is one headquartered right here in NYC (which was one of its attractions. First was its excellent reproduction of our art; second was the ""hand,"" the feel of the material which was the equal of any; third was the turnaround time; fourth was the policy regarding quantity of re-orders).

While, as I said, the contracting company, a small start-up, is headquartered here, the jersey is manufacturered for them in Italy. The overall company name is ""Bici Imports."" It has appended more than one name to the apparel it has imported but now has settled on ""Stelvio."" (The Stelvio is the third highest paved pass in the Alps and features 47 numbered hairpin turns. Try it; you'll like it.)

The factory/factories it uses on a contract basis has/have acted as sub-contractor(s) for several better known manufacturers. Its jerseys are to be seen here on the backs of, for one example, the CRCA team whose members include NYCCers Jeff Vogel, Justin Reid, David Del Vecchio, Conrad Meyer, and perhaps others (Frances Harrison?) I'm overlooking. The jersey? When you see one that looks like the British flag has collided with the Irish flag, that's it. It's the British Tourist Ass'n.

As for sizes, they are comparable to Garneau's. For purposes of design and because I value comfort far more than saving milliseconds due to wind resistance, our jersey has not side panels which makes the fit looser than otherwise.

If, David, you aren't comfortable with your fit, I know you'll be able to sell it to people who didn't get in on the original order and have expressed a wish to get one.

I presume there'll be a second order in the early spring.

Richard Rosenthal"

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Dan (not verified)

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what is happening with the new NYCC Jerseys? I recall from a previous bulletin that they would arrive in time for Christmas. Has anyone received their's yet. Please let me know.

Thank you,

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Hi Dan

You'll be receiving them about the 2nd week in January.

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David Schlichting (not verified)

Thanks, Richard, for the update annd as well your contribution to the club. Indeed, I've ridden the Passo dello Stelvio 9 times --what a kick!!

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