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What are the best winter riding gloves? I've been using the Pearl Izumi Cyclone gloves and they are not keeping my hands warm at temps below 35 degrees. The main reason I liked these is that they're not so bulky. Are there better (read: warmer) gloves that also exclude the bulk? Am I asking too much?

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JP (not verified)

I have used the Pearl I AmFibs for 3 years now and they are warm. Maybe try the lobsters.

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gottaride (not verified)

I've been using AmFibs too since last season, they are bulky (but I can still use sti and grip shift no problem) and my hands sweat alot in them (don't notice while riding) but my hands have never gotten cold in them, best thing I've used yet.

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Lee Aann (not verified)
Best Winter Riding Gloves


I find that the PI ""Inferno"" gloves are really great. Good flexibility and warmth. They are a modified Lobster glove/mitt with some sort of titanium insert (so they say) and are a little pricey. TOGA was the only place that I could find them. Good luck."

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)

You might want to look outside of cycling for good winter gloves for cycling. The first thing I look for in winter gloves is Gore Windstopper or some other sort of membrane in the fabric that completely cuts out the wind. It doesn't matter how bulky a glove is if the wind gets through it. Second, I look for an excellent fit. When the hand grips the handle bar you don't want the tips of your fingers pressing against the ends of the fingers of the glove. Allow room for good circulation and bear in mind that constriction cuts down on insulation--allow that fleece to loft.

Manzella and Black Diamond make excellent gloves. I have Black Diamond gloves that have fleece inside and out with Gore Windstopper. The fingers are beautifully articulated and the gloves are not bulky. I wear these gloves, and no others, all through winter. Unfortunatly the model I have has been phased out. However, they have other models.

There's lots of other manufacturers out there. Again look around. Look at what manufacturers for mountaineering and iceclimbing have to offer. Some people I know wear ski gloves for cycling.

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Jay (not verified)
winter gloves--hand warmers

I use disposable hand warmers inside the gloves on cold days --not too $$$--sold at EMS& ski equipment stores, etc
They also have disposable foot warmers if that extremity is a problem 4 u or if u think the hand warmers are too bulky, you can put the thinner foot (or toe) warmers in the gloves

An even better suggestion: spend a few mid-winter weeks at a warm biking destination such as Guadeloupe!

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Andy Kriger (not verified)
try layering

I use PI Therma Fleece gloves and then when it started to get really cold, added a thin Descente glove underneath. Works like a charm and not too bulky.

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Carol (not verified)

Try They have a cycling glove that has been keeping my hands warm for two seasons. (And if you happen to be a member of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, enter Key Code 2BC2RTC and Gore donates 25% to RTC and gives you a 10% discount.)

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