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Thanks to Chris for putting together the perfect ride to get us out on a (fortunately not too) cold almost-winter night. What a show.

And to Tony and his wife Maryann -- I can't say enough. Your hospitality was above and beyond what anyone could have imagined. Thanks for providing us warmth, and for all the wine, spirits, and amazing treats. I'm sure everyone there would agree it was surely one of the most fun & interesting weeknight evenings in a long time (although many of us are paying the price this morning for such a late night.)

Happy holidays to all.

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John Z (not verified)
A Very Fun Evening

It was definitely a fun ride well lead by Chris T. Tony and Maryanne's hospitality is unparalleled!

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Basil (not verified)
"Tony and Maryann - a big ""Thank You"""

It's all been said already but your hospitality really was exceedingly generous. Thanks for capping off a fun (and warm for the time of year :) ) ride with a show which was above and beyond any reasonable expectations!

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Chris Taeger (not verified)
Thanks all around

"A big and heartly THANK YOU to Tony and Maryann. When I scouted this ride we would have a stop at Dyker Park Bagels after the light show. Tony's invitation made this ride totally different: A place to warm up, secure place for the bikes, great food, conversation, and ""spiritual"" enrichment. If you thought you wouldn't enjoy it, well fuggettaboutit!

A thank you to all that came out to ride, those in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and those who rode it for the second time. Thank you for being patient with my inexperienced ride leadership.

Hal would like you to have some photos he took last night, so send him an email at [email protected] so he can send them to you. Thanks to Tim McCarthy for posting some photos from the first ride on the website.

Thanks to the weather gods for a dry and realitively warm night.

Who would like to do this again? -- perhaps on a weekend? Drop me an email


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