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Xmas Lights in Dyker Heights
Tuesday, December 16th, 6:45 PM
B16 (net), 25 Miles, -- Shorter than last week
From: City Hall Park East & Brooklyn Bridge, near subway kiosk
2nd meeting point: 15th St. & Prospect Park West 7:15 PM
Leader: Chris Taeger (212) 371-7906 (917) 952-6061 [email protected]

There seems to be more lights and outdoor ornaments in Dyker Heights Brooklyn than any other neighborhood in NYC. This ride will bring out the spirit of the season. We start with a quick 17-18 pace to get the blood moving and the body warm. We'll check the circle at the SW corner of Prospect Park for Brooklyn riders. After 10 miles, the pace slows as the light show begins. In the next hour, there will be oohhs and aahhs, with standout residences where we will pause briefly to take in the marvel. I have shortened the ride by 5-6 miles so that we can have more time to pause at the amazing houses - a camera might be nice to have along!

We then go to Tony Mantione's who has opened his house after the ride for some merryment. Including Italian delicacies, pastries, wine, spirits, espresso, hot chocolate, ect .... Plenty of secure bike parking in the back yard or garage. Arrivederci a presto, E Ciao A tutti

Dress in layers, bring the usual accouterments (helmet, water, spare tubes, bike in working order). Headlight and Taillight STRONGLY recommended
Postpones if: a) rain or frozen precip, b) winds above 20 mph or temps below 25 degrees at 6:00 PM. or c) Snowy Streets. If in doubt, check message board or leader's cell phone.

Subway @ City Hall: 4,5, 6, J,M,Z City Hall Brooklyn Bridge stop
Subway @ Prospect Park: F train, 15th Street - Prospect Park stop.

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Chris Taeger (not verified)
The Ride is on!

Weather forecast is good

Temperature 44 F, Wind 5 mph, from the South.

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Basil (not verified)
Anyone heading from UWS???

I'm planning on leaving from W 70th/Broadway - wondered what time/route people were planning if anyone going from this neck o' the woods?

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
help for jan program

we are in need of a video projector for use with a laptop computer [we have the computer]. is there anyone who can supply one for the program on tues. jan 13, 2004?
thanks. hal
ps. look to see all of you, even those without a video projector, at the club meeting.

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