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They got me thinking... What this club needs is a Hummer. With a gun rack. And a bike repair shop in the back. And BIG NYCC logos plastered all over it, like those busses you see wrapped in graphics, (you listening Richard?). And a Toll-Free cell phone number.

Members who get harassed by motorists or break down would call the Toll-Free number and request help from the Hummer crew, (the crew will be those of us who can't ride due to injury or who find they like the Hummer better than their bikes).

Give them the license number of the soccer mom who cut you off in her SUV and they'll give her a lesson in ""sharing the road"".

Get hassled by the local constable for riding 2 abreast? Our mediators will show up to discuss with him why a 5-bike-long double pace line is better for everyone than a 10-bike-long single pace line.

Did your derailleur eat your spokes? No problem- spare wheels by the rackfull.

Visibly patrolling the frequent club turf will go along way toward achieving the ""branding"" the club has been talking about.

Also, late night pace car in Central Park. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate in the back to warm you up after those cold winter laps will improve safety and more people are likely to show up, so we'll be fitter and more social, too!"

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
The site's creator was killed by a drunk while cycling.

"Bill introduced me to the site of Ken Kiefer and it is a terrific site and I appreciate the introduction.

As it happens, this energetic, enthusiastic bicycle advocate, it sadly turns out, was killed in September by a drunk driver while he was cycling.

One of those writing in eulogy of Kiefer noted he was killed by a drunk driver who had been released from jail four hours previously, where he had been, you guessed it...on a drunk driving charge.

Usually, I sign off my political screeds, ""Stay angry."" That is how I choose to close this non-political one. Stay angry.


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jeff (not verified)

hmmm sleeping with the enemy....

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Chris T (not verified)
new arms race

Fight Fire with Fire,
If the Hummer doesn't cut it, a surplus Bradley Fighting Vehicle should do the trick.

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John Z (not verified)
God Bless America

When I lived in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a dear friend of mine offered to sell me one of his AK-47s to mount on my mountain bike. He felt I would be safer, knowing I often road alone and in areas of questionable safety. Visitng this site brings back fond memories...

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geo carl kaplan (not verified)
the hummer

three conditions:
1. it must be white or yellow
2. it must have the club logo
3. all operators must be checked out with a written and road test conducted by. . . . . . .

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don montalvo (not verified)

"4. all hummer drivers must be accompanied by a qualified club member riding shotgun who is properly trained and equipped with a club issued paceline training tool incase someone fails to take a pull."

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JP (not verified)

Hey BV,

Nice site - thanks.

PA?? I know a couple cyclists right here in our city that ride strapped. Yup, a pistola. I hope I never see one in use, but a good shot needn't shed blood, but maybe could take out some tires, a radiator?

Now, my friends down south are another story ....

My philosophy - ride well enough to avoid as best you can any obstacles - especially the semi-human kinds.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
How about nuclear?

Don't forget to equip the hummer with a nuclear deterrent for bad drivers.

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