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I'm contemplating buying a HRM to help improve my performance and my research has drawn me to two models. 1) Polar s-720i and 2) the Ciclosport HAC4. Both appear to be excellent but have different features which i deem pretty important. The Polar gives vo2max, calories counted, % of max heart rate, lap splits w/ avg. heart rate and distance based intervals. The HAC4 has none of these features but includes power output in wattage which the Polar doesn't have (unless you purchase the option for an additional 350 beans). Besides the above-mentioned differences, everything else is equal. My question to anyone out there is, what should be deemed more important, all the extra features that the Polar offers or the power output in watts that the HAC4 offers which I'm reading is becoming more and more important combined with heart rate to improve performance. I'd love to hear from anyone who has either of these two models for their opinion. Also, I know it would seem easier to just get the Polar and purchase the power output in watts option but, hey, I'm on a budget hehe. Thanks in advance.

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don montalvo (not verified)

"i never really looked beyond polar. been using them forever. but i have to admit the hac4 (which has it's own webpage!) is an impressive gadget. it has some features the polar hrm's lack (like hiding bike features when it's not mounted on your handlebar for starters; it also functions at a frequency that doesn't conflict with gym equipment).

i like the fact that the hac4 has been produced since 1997 (longetivity in the tech field is rare). it's also interesting that the u.s. postal team chose the hac4 as their official training gadget.

user experience is important. the polar's interface is getting cluttered and overly complex. one review has issues with the hac4's interface.


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Blackie the Trackie (not verified)

Never mind these gadgets, all they'll give you is data, and data never got anyone to the finish line any faster.

Want to really turn it up a notch? Train on a fixed gear, at least twice a week. You'll see dramatic improvements - you'll get stronger, smoother, more efficient, and become a much better bike handler.

This has been THE way for generations, and still IS - microchips be damned!

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

Track bikes and HRMs are not mutually exclusive.

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