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Just need to have a rough idea of the number of mountain (off-road) rides your club features. Also, are there any mountain vacations planned thoughout the year?

Looking to join

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XYZ (not verified)

Virtually zero MTB rides here. Whaddaya want? It's NYC!

Check out the Westchester Mtn Bike Club, or Long Island's CLIMB (how's that for an oxymoron?).


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John Z (not verified)

There is a small group of us who do some off-road riding, but with a slightly different bent than what you may be looking for. We mix in hardpack, carriage trails and single-track. The rides tend to have significant off-road climbing (not necessarily technical but physically demanding) and longer distances than typical mountain bike rides (say 50 miles with 5000 vertical feet of climbing). Being somewhat hard to categorize, we have not yet formally listed any rides, but if you are interested we can keep you posted.

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ted (not verified)
mtb where?

hi, caught your thread about mtb rides, where are you guys riding? is this the same group that Tim Macarthy mentioned to me, riding slicks on double tracks about 4 wks ago?

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seth prince (not verified)
these small group rides

you speak of, are they suitable for a cyclocross bike (no suspension)?

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bill (not verified)

Sounds like my kind of ride. Please post when you guys plan on doing them.

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John Z (not verified)
More Details

We are considering off-road rides on December 13 and December 27. The December 13 ride will go something like this: train to Garrison, climb Indian Brook Road (hardpack, about 1000 vertical feet over about 4 miles) to Fahnestock Park then descend via a singletrack trail to Old Albany Post Road (hardpack) for a rolling 8 mile ride south to just north of Peekskill. Then about 4 miles or so of roads to Blue Mountain, one of the area's best locations for off-road riding. We'll ride a couple of hours in Blue Mountain, then head north over South Mountain Pass (hardpack, 600 or so vertical feet) and return via Garrison or Cold Spring. Total, 40-50 miles, about 4000 vertical feet of climbing depending upon how many miles and what trails are ridden in Blue Mountain. Since this ride uses Metro North, a bike pass is required. As for what type of bike, the hardpack can be handled by most anything. The true off-road stuff is best suited for at least a bike with knobbies.

The December 27 ride mostly likely will be a 50-mile canal tow path ride; not very technically challenging but very scenic and historically interesting, especially given the date.

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Neile (not verified)
No Sundays? ... Doh!

"John Z;

Am horrifically disappointed that you aren't riding Sundays -- my only day off to ride.

If that should change, please message me. I have both a mountain bike as well as a cyclocross.

I currently lead B rides for 5BBC and if I wanted to design such a ride, I couldn't ask for better than what you're proposing. If there's a map/cue sheet available, I'd be interested.

Thanks in advance.

Neile Weissman
[email protected]

PS> I tried to send this to you off-line but ""[email protected]"" got bounced back to me."

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John Z (not verified)
Slush Anyone?

My original plan for this Saturday was to lead a mountain bike ride that would include Putnam County hardpack roads and trails in Blue Mountain. However, I are pretty certain the Blue Mountain trails would be unrideable. The hardpack roads would be messy at best.

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Keith (not verified)
Off Road

There are a lot of serious off-road riders in the NYCC. Off road rides used to be listed, but do to logistics - transportation, riding experience, etc., these rides turned into a real mess. You need to join the club, find your riding level, and find out who these people are.

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