Rosenthal emerges from winter retreat to ride Sat. @9:30

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  • Rosenthal emerges from winter retreat to ride Sat. @9:30
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You know the route (57 mi.). You know it's gorgeous. You know it's untrafficked. You know I can't ride uphill worth a damn, which is too bad since there are a number of them. Come see me in mid-winter form. And see a prototype of the new jersey. Boathouse. 9:30.

(212) 371-4700
[email protected]

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Carol Wood (not verified)


The distance, route, pace, mood, and weather were a perfect mix. Gave me as much of a workout as I could tolerate, with a relaxing finish. Loved the sightseeing breaks. Was also nice seeing so many other NYCCers en route.

I don't know when was the last time I finished a club ride at 2:30 in the afternoon--enough time for fun Saturday errands along with every other New Yorker.

Bravo, bello!

P.S. The new jersey design is gorgeous.

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Herb (not verified)

Rosenthal, stop with the BS. You climb very well, even for someone your age.:-)

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
I love Herb...but he is wrong


If I can climb, how is it, when I look behind me on ANY climb--from a hill, to a knoll, to a driveway, to a curb, to the upside of a pothole, I never, ever see any cyclist lagging behind me?

As for age, would you believe 64 now? I'm of a mind to create a new ride classification. It's below ""A,"" below ""B,"" below ""C""--yes, it's ""SS""...Social Security."

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