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"My landlord placed a sticker on my bicycle this morning telling me to move my bike (locked to a tree in front of my place) becasue it ""is dirtying the sidewalk"" This is my main means of transportation, and it is infeasible that I bring the bike inside because I live on a 4th floor walkup. Is this legal? I need some advice.

The sidewalk is plenty wide, and it is locked to a tree. I could also move the bike to a no-parking sign next to the tree instead.

Also, I should add there is nothing in the lease that says anything about bicycles or would fit this situation.

I live in Manhattan, New York City

I have moved the bike to the street sign as suggested by Transportation ALternatives ( but my landlord still says the bike being there is now a ""tripping hazard""


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george (not verified)

Your landlord is being an arse. He doesn't have any durisdiction over the sidewalk as far as I know.

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Basil (not verified)
Discussed in a past thread

"This subject was discussed at length in a past thread - search feature may be able to turn it up.
If I'm not mistaken, there was no clear-cut answer but the overall consensus seemed to be that the landlord has a responsibility to maintain the sidewalk - including seeing that it's free of any potentially ""hazardous"" items (such as a parked bicycle??).

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John (not verified)
New City Laws

Yes, the city recently enacted a new law passing the burden of liability from the city to building owners, making them responsible for any accident on the sidewalks in front of their building. It's understandable that building owner are now more apprehensive of anything the might pose a trip hazard and create a lawsuit.

I also remember from the prior thread on this topic that by defying landlord’s request, you run the risk of having your bicycle vandalize in the middle of the night.

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hannah (not verified)
don't lock to tree

If you are able to keep your bike locked by your building, definitely move it from the tree to the pole. There was a well-publicized incident a year or two ago when a cyclist was ticketed for locking to a tree. Apparently, locks aren't good for trees. Street poles don't mind.


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Hy S. Terrier (not verified)
bike parking

Make a request to DOT to install a bike rack in front of your apartment house. No charge, and that should shut the landlord up!

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