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i just want to say thanks, and a great job, by marci & heidi. it was their first ride lead and they were nervous about it. it was originally planned with an experienced ride leader, previously wounded in action.
the two of them is what the club is really about. stepping up to the plate. being involved. keeping to their commitment and learning, growing and developing as better riders themselves as they experience what can happen on a ride [and they did].
i think they even had fun. for those of you who have been talking about leading a ride, but haven't, just do it! hal

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Sheamus Cullen (not verified)
"""B"" Ride Saturday"

Had a great time, both Heidi & Marci did a great job! I'll see you guys this Saturday.

For the guy who rode with us that couldn't believe I only had one flat in 1400 miles, he will be glad to know I had one on 155th Street.

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Marci Silverman (not verified)
Thanks, Hal

"...appreciate the kind words.

We were glad to have you and Linda (who graciously led us back across the Broadway Bridge so I didn't have to) along on the ride, especially since it turned into such a large group.

Stay tuned for ride #2 (Brunch in Scarsdale) December 21st, when our ""experienced ride leader"" should be back on his bike and ready to join us."

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heidi sadowsky (not verified)
Thanks x2

I second Marcy's emotions. Thanks for your support along the way. Thanks to everyone on the ride for coming out and for your patience! See you on the road.

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