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hi, all
to those of you who weren't at last night meeting i'd like you to know that stan was elected president of the club. i want to congrulate stan and wish him all the best. thanks to all of you for your support and well wishes. it was fun.
the good news is that the election brought out a record number of votes. it shows that people will participate when given a reason.
let's all support stan, and all the other board member's who give us their time, energy and leadership, by participating as much as possible. it's your club, belong. thanks again to all of you. see you on the road, hal

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Congratulations to all!


Thanks to you (and all the candidates) for caring enough about the club to run! And your gracious statement here shows that you are a winner too.



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JP (not verified)

... to Stan, no doubt. But also to you Hal. Even this present post of yours shows class.


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Stan Oldak (not verified)
Thanks to all who voted

"Hi to all from Kake, Alaska

The first person who can post on this ""thread"" the name of the island where Kake is located gets an NYCC H2O bottle compliments of yours truly. (A new one, not one of my used ones!) And if you can also tell me the name of the native tribe that inhabits the village, I'll pay for your dinner at the next club meeting.

Everyone always asks me if I ""ride"" when I'm in AK. The villages that I go to are quite small with very few roads but fairly extensive logging rds that would be great for mountain biking. Two major problems: the winters are long and quite cold and although the summers are beautiful..... there are BEARS! Lots of them! I'm afraid I'm not fast enough to outride(run) them. Maybe if I had slicks.

Re: the elections - I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote. A good turnout at the poles relative to previous years.
I am truly looking forward to an exciting and fun time for NYCC in the coming year. See you on the road. See you at the meetings. Stan O."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Kupreanof Island, Tlingit Indians

"Stan: Definitely stay away from the bears.

Carol (who would appreciate the water bottle but would decline dinner for having done so little as a Google search)

Kake Alaska
The ""Banana Belt"" of Southeast Alaska

Kake is located in Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area on the northwest coast of Kupreanof Island. Kake has a mild climate with January temperatures around freezing. It is a permanent home of the Kake tribe of Tlingit Indians, as well as the home of a 132-foot totem pole, the world's largest. The Kake tribe of Tlingits were the most feared by white settlers in the 18th and 19th centuries. During the Kake War, three Kake villages were destroyed by a Navy vessel. The Kakes rebuilt in the 1890s at the present village site.

Fishing, fish processing and logging are the main cash industries. The town celebrates the chum salmon run with the Kake Dog Salmon Festival in late July. There is also a ""Challenge of the Chums"", a Tlingit canoe race.

There is a 4,000 foot airstrip and a seaplane base. L.A.B. Flying Service provides schedules service. Alaska Marine Highway sails from Kake to Sitka and Petersburg.

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Stan Oldak (not verified)

Google!!! What ever happened to ""old fashioned"" research.

By the way, that 132 foot totem is directly out-side the window of our dental operatory.

Mild climate? You could have fooled me. It certainly feels a lot colder.

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