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I am considering power meters, and am most interested in the SRM and the Powertap. Can anyone with an informed opinion help me out by weighing in with your knowledge? Thanks in advance.

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Henoch (not verified)

Hi Jay,

Have a look at www.ergomo-usa.com
it is a new power meter that has most of the benefits of the SRM at almost half the price.
I Rep, it in this area and can get you a nice deal in it, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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ScottD (not verified)
power review

Get your hands on VeloNews from just a few issues back. Full report on all the major manufacturer's systems. Unbiased comparison and features review.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
"From the ""Expert"""


There's a cyclist who is also a research scientist by the name of Sandiway Fong, recently moved out of the area. I emailed him this link to get you an expert answer. He is a super strong rider. Being a research scientist, he carries his profession into his cycling. His website is full of useful info. (http://www.neci.nec.com/homepages/sandiway/).

He has trained with the heart rate monitor as well as power meter and swears by the power meter. In fact, I know he's been training with one for over one year now. If you want to be ahead of the ""norm,"" keep in contact with him.

Here's his power meter reply:

HR is not that reliable because...
HR just varies too much due to physiological and
environmental factors.
An increases in HR also lags an increase in effort by
30 secs or more.

How fast you go is determined solely by how much power
you put into the pedals, not by HR

So it makes sense to optimize the power

This we do by intelligently using a power meter

For example, we do not go tearing off at 500W; after a
while our body rebels and we're only doing 150W. It's
faster and less painful to simply ride at a steady
200W (if we know it's 200W that we can sustain).

Hope this helps!


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hamburger earmuffs (not verified)
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