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Last February I was riding my bike and was cut off by a taxi. I fell to the pavement, breaking my arm. The bone healed in 6 weeks, butI am still recovering from the effects of 'frozen shoulder'.

No-Fault Insurance was supposed to cover the costs, but the two insurance companies involved have resisted my attempts at compensation. I'm just trying to recoop my medical and physical therapy expenses.

I am looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer that could advise the best course of action (if any).
Does anyone know an appropriate Lawyer that knows about this kind of case?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.
Brad Ensminger

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
transportation alternatives

"Knock on wood (or is that carbon fiber?), I've never been in need of such service. I have no specific recommendation, but the Transportation Alternatives organization lists some info on their website. They're a NYC based bike/ped advocacy group.

Click here and scroll down to ""Legal Advice"". It has some general info and the last link listed is for ""Cycling Lawyers"".

Good luck."

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hannah (not verified)

I know someone who used Adam White and had a good experience. I don't have his contact info, but he advertises in some bike publications.

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Keith (not verified)
Adam White

He is handling a case for me now. Good lawyer and a bike rider too!

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
Thanks for your input

Thanks Hanna, Keith and Peter,

I followed Peter's advice and went to the Transportation Alternatives website and found a Lawyer named Robert S. Fader. He was very helpful and sounds great on the phone. He put the whole thing into perspective that makes sense.

If he falls through I will look-up Adam White (also listed on the TA website.)

Thanks again,

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