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I have successfully convinced my wife to allow me to take a cycling vacation (by myself) to the 2004 Tour de France. I have found numerous tour groups on the web which all seem to offer 6-8 day packages that follow the actual route. Has anybody done the Tour with a reputable touring company that they would recommend. My all-in budget is approx $5K so it doesn't have to be a bare-bones package. I am not an advanced rider (only 40-50 miles/week) so a tour with top-notch riders would be too aggressive for me.

Any suggestons would be appreciated.

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Evan Marks (not verified) (nm)
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Carol (not verified)

I haven't done their Tour de France tour, but I've done a number of other tours with them. Very well managed and run. I spoke with one of their TDF tour leaders who said last summer's group was quite diverse in riding ability and everyone did fine. (You don't have to ride with a group on their tours - you can go at your own pace.)

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Jay (not verified)
Breaking Away Bike Tours

"My wife (who didn't cycle on that tour) & I went with the final stages of the TDF--They ran a well managed tour--they were good at getting in & out of small towns on time and all the other logistics--Many of the group were strong riders but you dont have to be.

Since they often had to stay in small towns the hotels and food were not extremely luxurious but that's all there was in that locality. My wife took fotos of the race and there was some type of ""spouse's Program"" for non cyclists.

I think Backroads and even Butterfield now offer TDF programs.

On these tours you have to position yourself at a good vantage point ( a switchback is good) a few hours before the race comes thru and it is all over in a matter of seconds

On the final day, however, there are multiple laps on the Champs E in Paris so the spectators do get a chance to watch the racers go by a number of times & who knows, one of these years it may be decided on the final day!"

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Bill (not verified)

Check out this address:

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