CEOs on wheels

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I am an NYCC member and a journalist and I am working on a piece on cycling as a trend among high powered professionals. There was an article in business week saying that it's replacing golf as the thing to do.

I am looking for individuals who fall into that category - corporate executives - willing to talk to me about their cycling passion. Please contact me at my email adress: [email protected].

Thanks a million.


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Carol Wood (not verified)
How about including low-level corporate drones...

..for whom cycling provides the challenge, initiative, and independence missing in work routines that are subordinated to the prerogatives of high-powered executives and their frustrated middle managers?

Just a suggestion.

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Jay (not verified)
You could ring up...

Jeff Skilling. He used to do every MS150 ride in Houston and is a Spinning class enthusiast to this day. You might want to hurry, though...

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Paul Spraos (not verified)
They prefer mountain bikes

Easier for getting up the courthouse steps.

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